A trip to the Turin anatomy museum and some Bordeaux sketches


From the Museum of Criminal Anthropology, the collection of Cesare Lombroso. Wax death masks, skulls by the hundreds, weird faces, it was heavenly.


The good professor had kept many of the murder weapons of the inmates, some of them hand-made or pinched off railings. I discovered the ‘Crocefisso Pugnale” or crucifix with a hidden blade. According to the inscription, a ‘travestiti da monaci’.


Ho for the Anatomy Museum of Luigi Rolando! A few ghoulish preserved limbs (such as this hand of a famous surgeon, and many foetus skeletons in bell jars), but mostly disembodied wax models. I will be back.


Anatomy Museum model. In the old days they used to sneak in a bit of artistry and drama into their wax models, and the anatomy wasn’t 100% correct. Apparently the lymph nodes were off on this one.


Gate of the Synagogue, Bordeaux. Let us put to bed the myth of the rude French! At least 4 people came up for a good old chat as I draw this, to talk about illustration, tell me about the building, and ask if I was Jewish.


A mascaron of Bordeaux. These are above many of the doorways, and heaps are pulling weird faces. This pencil shading is a bit Year 9 art class for me, but it was good to sit down and really figure out how they carved them.


A brass band on the foreshore of the River Garonne, Bordeaux.


Main street of Bordeaux.


V quick gestural drawings outside the Grand Hotel de Bordeaux, Place de la Comedie (10-30 seconds each). Only the statues weren’t on their phones. We counted 5 Hen’s nights.


These ladies were on the top of the Opera National de Bordeaux. Bordeaux was glorious, I’ll be back.

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