Sunday arvo industrial sketching

With Dad, Spotswood
13.3.16, start of autumn
Materials: 2B pencil, markers

Spotswood is catnip for Constructivists

Spotswood sketching

NOTES: Use the central space – sketch out blocks of buildings/perspective in pencil
Decide what to leave in or keep out (take the front gate out to see the whole scene – ALL details come later)
Truck wheels sit behind horizon – give shape to the road
Can use your finger along the side of the sketchbook to draw a straight line
Make a point where the peak of the roof is (in relation to the vertical next to it) then draw the slanted roof
Draw some bits and pieces between the truck and the front gate to draw the eye along it
Watch out for hard animation-style lines – keep linework loose eg on the truck
Pick out the areas of black in the scene (can squint) and build up in tone. Holds the picture together and adds structure to your page – think of it in a triangle eg truck, pitch of right-hand roof, fence

illustration Spotswood

Not posing at all.


NOTES: Everything goes behind the poles – so these go in first. Bit of pencil, bit of marker, rub out pencil etc
Get in the big horizon, road, then building shape and roof, big uneven blocks, poles first. Add features like long blocks on right to cover up supports for the big block on the top.
Watch out for building on the left – don’t be tempted to fill up with shading. Could watercolour later or grey marker if desired.
Lighter poles in front, darker in back.
Any cross hatching near an intersection of lines or an edge or describing the underneath of a detail has to be very precise. Don’t go over lines in these parts (eg pole on the right).
Bits and pieces – stuff, details “makes it look fair dinkum”. Don’t forget shadows across the road, underneath poles etc.
Light across an edge (eg the cross-hatching on the right hand blocks) is called a Penumbra
Basically don’t get carried away shading everything.


Facing the Maribyrnong River. This part of town is so desolate it was no problem to sit in the middle of the road. Also, the white pipe on the right had a sign saying “Sulphuric Acid”.


NOTES: A detail drawing – basically a guided drawing for me.
1. Get main pole in first in pencil
2. First perspective line = main crossbar
3. Second perspective line = pole holding up box on left
One this is done, all parallels should be OK.
Note where sunlight and shade come in and how they strike different areas.
Conductor thingys go through the box.
All details at the end: bolts, wires, shading on pole etc

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