First sketching attempts

With Dad, Caulfield Park
6.3.16: Day after I bought an apartment
Materials: Blue colour pencil, 2B pencil, markers


NOTES: Draw a line at the horizon/ground height
Then an imaginary line through the centre of the subject – the building
All the horizontal parallels drawn away from this line
This one about form and shading. Get the overall form and shade right, details like windows etc later
Sketch the general form of the tree – squint at it to see the darker parts and roughly outline. Light cross hatching to denote shade – build this up later. Get all the very dark bits in. Something in the foreground to give a sense of depth.
Play around with things like shading for window depth, extra alcoves and windows, lamposts, seats, once the overall landscape is in.


NOTES: Use 2B and rub out later – again draw horizon line near the bottom – think about what goes in the composition first. Then the parallels of the path.
Everything hangs around the lampost and the palm tree in the foreground.
Then other trunks, then v rough outline of fir tree behind. Build up cross hatching again.
Different foliage on different trees. V light broad cross hatching for distance. See shadows on path in black. Make sure other trees don’t compete with the tree in the foreground.


NOTES: Get the engineering of the tree right – must have weight. Decide how far to draw the foliage on the page – pick an arbitrary point (rather than cover the page).
Draw big, individual leaves – then scribbly ones for smaller ones. Large cross hatch to denote dark leaves.
Start again with horizon line and path – look at sunlight in the background.
Branches in the back coloured in black. Can also do a tiny curve on silhouettes.
Cross hatching – make a bit curved and cross over. Can cross hatch with heavier pen too.
Draw darker trunks up near the foliage.



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