Galloping back

The media loves to infuriate us by profiling entrepreneurs we’re all supposed to emulate. Normal, hardworking people snort at these columns, yet day after day, newspapers are filled with this nonsense

  • The Google guys were 2 humble blokes in a garage
  • Steve Jobs was a hippie
  • Huffington gets to bed on time
  • Mia Freedman is like totally your best mate
  • Natalie Bloom was just a working mum with a dream

And so on and so forth. No mention is made of the university education, the white privilege, rich family, unbelievably supportive partner, bills covered, or any of the boring donkey work that makes up these tales.


Brand new business cards

Not to mention luck (not the inspirational media variety you make yourself – I’m talking about actual dumb luck). Not much is made of failure either, unless it’s couched in terms of ‘the lessons learned’ and beaucoup de homilies from Mark Twain, that old gas-bag.

Launched via the NEIS scheme in 2006, The Galloping Skirt has been through many incarnations and operated from all locations. I’ve worked from the kitchen, the Brunswick Business Incubator, the Footscray Library, my parents’ couch, my partner’s couch, and now the wonderful Chantilly Studio,which overlooks ½ of Melbourne and delights me every day.

I’m not going to try and astound anyone with stories of how I followed my heart. This is a nonsense and I am calling it out right here. But after 8 years in business, I get ‘it’. With the assistance of the spirited Ann Watson, business coach extraordinaire, I identified the following:

  • I do not wish to take over the world
  • I am perfectly good as I am
  • In addition, my writing kicks bum
  • If a potential client cannot see all the glories above, then that is absolutely OK.

So here goes the first post in well over a year. I’m re-launching my business under the name of my first blog, The Galloping Skirt. I hope you like the new threads! If you need copywriting services, see here. Or content strategy, look over there. Old online ramblings thither. Or just gaze at my otherworldly beauty here.

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