Freecycle = the gift that keeps on giving

After the other week I was all &##!%% hippies, with their &##^@ text *$&#* shit bloody timewasters &&^@!^. Most of my stuff is gone now, and peace reigns again.

The bloke who took my ladder left a prezzie attached to my front door that looked for all the world like a medieval curse. It looked like the sort of thing you’d affix to the door of the village hag. Upon closer inspection it turned out not to be wolfsbane or hemlock but ordinary old rosemary, thyme and mint. Perhaps he was on his way to Scarborough Fair!

The last one emailed wanting to take my old camera on a pilgrimage to India with his son, and I was all $##!! why can’t hippies just say ‘holiday’ like normal people. Idiots. Anyway, he also said he was going to donate the camera after his trip to a good cause so I hawed a bit and decided to give it to him.

A few dozen texts and emails more ensued, and we arranged to meet at some peculiar and inconvenient time like 4pm on a Tuesday. A hasty bike home and I was chuckling away, imagining the dreadlocky stale dope smokey horror awaiting me.

Would you believe the chap was Indian, and was going on an ACTUAL PILGRIMAGE. He was SO NICE.


3 thoughts on “Freecycle = the gift that keeps on giving

  1. You have Freecycle in Oz? I have giveneth and I have takeneth away.The stuff giveneth isn't very interesting, but some of the takeneth is pretty cool. Like our dog, Abby, and our 3 budgies, Rafiki, Mupenzi and Lemur.Dear, darling. beloved Boo, I am an aging hippie. In fact, the older I get the hippier I get. I don't smoke dope, but I do use cannabis cream on my arthritic knee. I am a vegetarian (always) and I detest STUFF. No pilgrimages to India on the roster yet, though.I do also occasionally wear a flower in my un-old-ladylike long hair, too. I much prefer natural almost everything, including women's faces (Did you look at my movie of the Saudi queen?). I am into organic gardening, especially since that's the only sure way to avoid GMOs.And a happy nonsia to you, as well!

  2. As I recall from about 1971, the generic insult is dirtyhippiecommiepervertpinkofagjewbastard or something like that. It's been a long while, Cartman!

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