The Breaking of the Dry

The theme of this season’s bird magazine is about the end of the drought in most parts of the continent. The major spreads feature overflowing lakes, flourishing, flowering scrub and vast flocks of birdlife winging their way through the country.

And unlike a lot of our parched, scientific reports, the writing in this issue is pretty juicy. One tale is about a group of researchers trawling through mud to see Banded Stilts breed in Lake Eyre. Another is about the ‘vast rolling hills of budgies’ in North West Queensland. The feature is a photo essay about the hundreds of pastel-coloured Princess Parrots now squawking and scoffing and rooting in the red centre. It’s a good news angle in a world where there’s not often much to crow about (pardon the tired pun–my work is full of ‘em). In terms of look and content, this issue is pretty much where we want it to be. It’s taken a while to get to this stage.

Faithful readers of this blogge have known the Galloping Skirt to hurtle about in some pretty odd places: they’ve read about Boo the seeker of Brunswick’s historical truth, and Boo the game show master. They’ve ploughed through tales of Boo the keeper of secret and inappropriate crushes and Boo the not-so-secret admirer of Sikhs. They’ve seen Boo the up and they’ve seen Boo the very down.

But in all this time of writing there is one aspect of the Galloping Skirt they are yet to be acquainted with.

So. Are you sitting down? Good. Is it a nice strong chair, with oak armrests and sturdy upholstering? No? You’d better sit on the floor then. Wait–you’d better lie down, it’ll make it easier to digest this news. Hang on a bit–go get your mobile and place it next to your hand. And put a cushion under your head, in case you have a spasm. Comfy? Good. As a final precautionary measure you should gird your loins, for I have some interesting news:

I have a Gentleman Caller.

8 thoughts on “The Breaking of the Dry

  1. Nope – modesty and common sense has prevailed – I cannot utter another word! All shall be revealed in the fullness of time. All ye need know at this stage is that he is in fact a gentleman and yes he is calling upon me!!

  2. Good thing I was sitting down!Joking! Looks like you've had less time to blog since this post so from this it could perhaps be deduced that things are going well? Hope you are well B.And Happy New Year too, before I forget it.

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