Ten things to do over Easter long weekend

1. Sleep in

2. Eat Haigh’s chocs in bed, over Hellraisers: The Life and Inebriated Times of Burton, Harris, O’Toole and Reed

3. See Dylan Moran at Hamer Hall

4. See Daniel Kitson at RRR performance space

5. Gloat over new shoes from Rocco’s (pictured) and dream of two new pairs to be made in a month (red winkle-pickers and black extreme pointy boots with eel skin detailing).

6. Finish papier-mâché set and characters for fig video

7. Push over remainder of first episode for sitcom

8. Squeeze in a bike ride with A-Zee

9. Dinner at Annoi’s

10. Palpitate quietly over new part-time job starting next week

7 thoughts on “Ten things to do over Easter long weekend

  1. That sounds like an awful lot to fit into a weekend Boo! So good luck!Sitcom sounds interesting work…comedy or drama?I too have to go find a job of some description…urgh…

  2. OH MY GOD. Your RSS feed is broken and no new posts showed up in my google reader, and I thought you had not blogged since 6 October 2008!!! Can I just say, lovely blog photo. And also, you are not nearly as slack as I thought, and after my 3.30pm meeting I plan to spend the rest of the afternoon catching up on your blog!!!

  3. Cheers Ed. Fortunately, activities like ‘gloating’ and ‘palpitating’ don’t take too much time, and I was able to fit in most other activities. Jobhunting! Pah! I am v. v. fortunate. The job dropped into my lap (although has been postponed till next week, so I have another 5 days to agitate about it).NPB: It veers between sitcom and drama actually! I don’t know what it is. I plan to keep writing though and plough through… I too scoffed the Haigh’s with indecent haste.Bek!! How does an RSS feed break! What did I do?? Could I have lorst my remaining 5 readers? Woe!And you took the photo in Bintan, cheeky minx.

  4. Are you thinking of it as a 6 episode run? Or developing a longer ongoing series? Drama vs sitcom is a fine line I suppose. It seems like only channel 9 and the ABC are producing any dramas at the moment. Channel 10 is broke by all reports, plus intent on using cheap US content…Also, so you are still going to do the figtacular this year too? Is it going to become an annual thing? Something to look forward too.

  5. At the mo’, a 6-part series with room for more. Theory being that the characters are so fabulous one can write about ’em forever.I’ll steer towards sitcom, as am pathologically unable to take anything seriously. Am thinking ABC, SBS or even the Beeb, who have an open door policy regarding scripts! All a delightful pipe dream at this stage though, definitely don’t watch this space.The Figgtacular video is STILL being made, my nieces finished painting the set last week. Due to a late-arriving computer, figgs going out of season and changing circumstances, I’m re-imagining it as a Figgtacular/Harvest Festival/Dirty Big Birthday party! Now that’s one space you may watch!!

  6. Oh good, I was thinking I might have missed figtacular! There seem to be all sorts of things going on to which I am not invited and then photos of which turn up on facebook. But I am sure *you* would not not invite me!Perhaps RSS feed has accidentally been turned off? Suggest going to settings, then site-feed, making sure is set to either full (if you want people to be able to read full post without having to click to blogge) or short (if you want them to have to click to blogge to read postes) and not, for example, none. I am going to re-do my blog header this weekend as I found the most excellent picture of me as a small child with my face in a cut-out lion at the zoo, which is begging for the caption “I am woman hear me roar”. I also found every issue of the Palm Leaf from school, which I shall be extracting extracts from… and I knew I took that photo, tis why I commented! I have never yet been in another resort with a swim-up bar… sigh.

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