Happy birthday to the Skirt wot Gallops

It’s been three years since I started this travesty against good taste and the English language. In celebration, I thought I might give this site a bit of a spring clean and put my spanking new computer to the test. I love it. It’s a 24-inch screen iMac with all the latest whizz bang software upon it, including this addictive PhotoBooth application:

I also dug up a number of hideous yet compelling pictures of me, which I fashioned into headers entirely for your amusement. Be warned: there will be desert boots and stripy leggings. There will be undercuts and blonde streaks and kaftans and jungle boots. There will be a rich cornucopia of fashion spanning the 1980s all the way to the 1990s.

I’ll be tweaking the design a little over the coming weeks, but apart from that the content will be the same as always. I dare say there’ll be more silly dating stories. There’ll be further adventures of Oliver Reed as he cuts a swathe throughout Melbourne, confessions of past nerdery and tributes to men who wear cravats and sport beards. You’ll delight in names like ‘Ogden’ or ‘St. John’ and shudder at words like ‘gubernatorial’. The giddy highs! The poignant lows! All that crap in between!

As you were.

4 thoughts on “Happy birthday to the Skirt wot Gallops

  1. Congrats to the galloping skirt! I like the photo Boo. Hardly a travesty. But I have found idiosyncratic turns of phrase in abundance. Looking forward to desert boots and confessions of past skull-nerdery.

  2. As I read various bits of papal history I am being reminded of our collection of amusing names that we made at skool. Cardinal Wolsey, Moonunit Zapper and other great names of history.I am currently particularly amused by the Venerable Bede.

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