Some first impressions of summer

At last, summer has arrived! The delicate gut balance between heaps of exercise and heaps of booze is being tested and that fresh new year’s mood means feeling like the world’s your oyster and that the last thing you’d rather be doing is sit in front of a hot computer. I am a bad blogger. A bad bad blogger. Here’s a list:

Monstrous zucchinis grown in my first veggie patch, and making fritters, soup and pasta dishes.

My youngest niece’s little boneless hand slipped into mine every time we went to the ocean’s edge at Sandy Point.

Franner’s Hen’s arvo at the North Fitzroy Bowls club, where booze is cheap, bad language is not tolerated and competition is fierce. People in different costumes drifting about, including belly dancers, ‘70s aerobics gear and Austin Powers. We were Picnic at Hanging Rock-themed.

Sleeping in a child’s bed with my feet hanging out the end in the same room as my nieces. And getting Aunt’s Revenge by busting the eldest out of bed for a swim before brekky.

The assorted classic comments of the nieces such as:
“Daddy, what does ‘dick’ mean?”
“Aunty Boo, you are the complete opposite of Mummy and Daddy.”
“How do you have a baby without planning it?”
And finally, just before I went back to Melbourne, my youngest niece presenting me with a small red card reading: ‘I love you Aunty Boo. Your the best.’

Strolling down Dawson Street to go to the bike shop but getting dragged into a drama with an old Italian lady involving a cheating ex-husband, absent children, tears, bad teeth and astounding her with my knowledge of words like ‘bongiorno’ and ‘si’. I did her shopping.

Assembling a lengthy list of New Year’s resolutions with A-Zee, including random things like ‘don’t be the last person left at parties any more’ and ‘attract older, hirsute men’ (younger, and hairless, for A-Zee).

My Dad describing Shallow Inlet as a ‘real bogan beach’, and when pressed upon the definition, him replying: “a lotta wheeled vehicles.” Standing on top of the dune at Shallow Inlet pondering the sheer scale of the area, with the ocean on one side and the inlet on the other….and the number of motorbikes, wakeboards, windsurfers, jetskis, tinnies, 4WDs and bogan offspring.

For the first time in my life, out-hiking the old man on a day trip to Oberon and Little Oberon Bay. A massive march fly and a tiny grey snake the only wildlife seen.

Two giant roos pummelling each other with their little T-Rex arms and kicking out with their legs while resting on their tails. On the road to Wilson’s Prom. And my niece bellowing from the car: “Pa you’re too close!!”

A big, loud house party with bands, braziers and bikies and Georgie cutting a rug under the Hills Hoist with a small child on her shoulders.

Spinning dollar coins down a hall trying to win a bottle of Bailey’s at the Sandy Point Trivia night (hosted by Ron ‘Golden Tonsils’ Cozens). My brother-in-law’s uncanny knowledge of Robbie Williams.

Getting very cheery at a picnic at Rickett’s Point with the Golden G and Natal, and singing loudly in our bikinis. A Buck’s night arriving to use the BBQ and thinking we are the hired entertainment. Annoi coming late and pursing her lips over our behaviour and choice of music.

And the summer has only just started!

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