What Blows Your Skirt Up #3: Ladette of the Dance

Ah! The poetry of the foot! The hidden language of the soul!!

Boo talks about a lifetime of tripping over her own left feet and finally landing right side up at Anna’s Go-Go Academy. Also a run-down of Dance-A-Thon 6000 and all the usual gibberish: Boo’s News, On Your High Horse and of course a soupçon of Zappa.

14.5 mins


*Note the new link on the right to iTunes, where you can subscribe to What Blows Your Skirt Up, should you so desire. *Don’t like iTunes? Don’t know what it is? As Tony Harrison might say, what is your beef with the Mac? Click here for a direct link to the mp3 of this episode.

2 thoughts on “What Blows Your Skirt Up #3: Ladette of the Dance

  1. Dance? Saw Paul Keating on the news dancing onstage at the finale of Keating The Musical. Figured if he could be that comfortable with who he is, maybe I could too. Danced most of the night with TLOML at a 50th not long after. Very liberating. Hope I can do it again. Enjoy your classes.

  2. hey I put the podcast on my ipod and had a listen whilst waiting to go into a meeting at awb. v entertaining! Could get used to this noo fangled podcast thingy…..now we need to onsell!!

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