Och aye the noo

Great site here. GREAT site.

Kiltmen is dedicated to all those ‘Bravehearts’ out there, putting forward the case for ‘kilts against trouser tyranny’. GOLD GOLD GOLD.

To quote: We are an international band of men who enjoy the freedom, comfort, pleasure, and masculine appearance of kilts or other male unbifurcated (skirt-like) garments, and who reject the absurd notion that males must always be confined to trousers. We are men in kilts, Utilikilts, and other kilt-like clothing. Our purpose is to liberate men from the “tyranny of trousers” that has been imposed upon us by Western society. We encourage and promote the wearing, acceptance, and availability of kilts and other unbifurcated garments for men.

Unbifurcated! Love!!

We find out early on that kilts, robes, caftans, men’s skirts, sarongs, or ‘unbifurcated garments’ don’t confine the legs or cramp the male genitals the way that trousers do. He then pleads the case against wearing the same clobber as chicks:

Although there was a relatively brief period in history when manhood was symbolized by the wearing of trousers, this is no longer the case. Today trousers have become unisex garments that women wear most of the time. In the United States, for example, a guy wearing blue jeans will find himself dressed the same as perhaps 90 per cent of the girls. If a man wishes to distinguish his masculinity through clothing, he would do much better by strapping on a real Scottish kilt.

I love this man.

He belabours ‘the most crowded intersection in the male anatomy’ a bit, but I find the entire site to be hilarious and wonderful. He really maintains a splendid point.

We hear a lot about the tyranny of women’s clothing (with many excellent arguments made by Bek the other day) – but what about the subjugation of the gents? Why is there such a narrow range of men’s clothing available? I live in probably the most homophobic country on earth, but why can’t our lads dress up a bit, without sexuality being part of the issue?

That’s one of the reasons I love The Sartorialist, because the author gets away from the idea of fashion as an obsessive, fetishistic focus on women’s bodies. All types of well-dressed people are photographed, in particular aged Marcello-ish beauties in Florence and the like. I’m all for liberation from gender stereotyping (we women do this every day) – how about it chaps?

Back to the kilts – I’ve long stressed the point about the leg being an undervalued part of the male anatomy – an area far better highlighted with Mr Darcy-esque breeches and white hose, a tropical sarong and bare chest or even those long black leggings you see footballers practicing in at the end of the news. What’s with the baggy trousers, gents? When will I get to see a well-turned calf outside of the Sunday night BBC special? Why not embrace some unbifurcation??

Here’s a photo essay of delights:

Ewan McGregor is a colossal tool. But….oh my god.

Hello there young man. A bit sexy are we?

I would molest any of these three men, even the ginger.



No caption necessary.

These guys are Mexicans! Olé!

Alan f’ing Rickman! On a sculpture! And bare feet! With a pose of derring-do! I repeat: ALAN RICKMAN IN A KILT.

Instead of plodding around with their legs confined and fabric bunched up in their crotches, they could be enjoying freedom and airiness around the legs and crotch, as well as the sensuous feeling of pleats swinging against their thighs.

Is it wrong for men to experience that kind of freedom, comfort, and pleasure?

10 thoughts on “Och aye the noo

  1. You’re right Boo, they look magnificent. Banned by the Brits after the Battle of Culloden, they are a potent symbol of Scottish don’t-fuck-with-me. And damned if they don’t look quite comfy.Wuid ah weir one mesel’? Och noah lassie. Ah nae have the requieered Caledonian credentials y’see, bein’ soomthin’ of a hodge podge o’ genetic influences from all over Britain an’ Arland.

  2. *walks in and clears throat*BBBJi,Oh, we do share similar taste in the physical beauty of men, eh?That site was awesome, except for one thing. The most exhilaratingly handsome, gorgeous man in the world is not the Scotsman in his kilt, although he is certainly pleasant to ogle.But no! The perfect man is the Nihang in his blue chola, beard flowing freely and, of course, the high turban, with or without farla, depending on his rank.I hate to think what would be the result to the unfortunate soul who considered a Nihang, ANY MALE Nihang (most nihang are male)as less than the epitome of masculinity. Swish, swash, oh, sorry about your head, mister!*shouts the battle cry and departs, drooling*

  3. I’m really just signing up to subscribe to comments, but since I’m here, you might like to check out some picturehttp://fiveprime.org/hivemind/Tags/nihangs here:

  4. (“I would molest any of these three men, even the ginger.” Guffaw.)The Boy i was/am (?!) with had the most delectable legs – strong, sturdy, defined and muscular, all around awwwrrrness – and he only wore a lungi around the house (instead of shorts or khakis or whatever mere pedestrians wear). More comfortable, more convenient, more ventilation and sexy as hell. Oh, and yes, easier access. Awwwrrrness.

  5. Indeed, I agree that the easy access aspect is most encouraging. Many of these gents have too furry a sporran for my liking (and if it started moving, that would be a sure sign of the beast being ready for action). But you absolutely had me by Mr Rickman… phwoar! And the manly bare feet..!!*sigh*yay the kilt!(and yay your FerrisBDO quote in the header!!)

  6. I’m quite partial to a bit of a dressing gown or a sarong, so I reckon a kilt would be great. Only problem is a can think of three streets in Melbourne where no-one would bat an eyelid. Everywhere else I suspect I would be in danger of physical asssault or constant jeering. I might get one for “roond the hoos”.But surely everyone knows the real reason kilts are worn…. they make for easy fornication!

  7. Come on you boys (LL and Homo J.) You know you want to…. Worn with aplomb and a giant, swinging sporran no-one would dare assault you…unless it was the ladies…Ah but Mai beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. The Nihang is the pinnacle of awesome to many a Sikh. But despite my big nose and general swarthiness, my blood is as Scottish as our Connery, and therefore something about the man in the kilt speaks to me on a level I cannot explain. VV the Boy? A lunghi? May I take it that he is of a handsome chocolate-eyed Subcontinental persuasion? Phwawaw indeed. I have a tale about a lunghi not fit to print on this blog – I may have to tell you one day.EB sporrans TOO furry? I no compute! Alan Rickman! That is my only legible rejoinder!!Easy access indeed. You are all perverts.

  8. BBB Ji,*jumping up and down in joy and excitement*Many things I have been called in my life, but this is, to my knowledge, the first for ‘pervert.’ I believe I have come of age in the Western world – albeit the Southeastern Quadrasphere – at last.*calms down, a little*Sean is definitely attractive in a sexual way. And unlike most, he seems to improve with age. But let him grow a magnificent beard, don a chola and tie a dastaar, he’d be pretty close to perfection. Of course, he wouldn’t wear kechera, no easy access there.I had to look up lunghi. Dhoti, just a plain old dhoti. I always associate that with Mohandas K. Gandhi, who really was a pervert, a dirty old man sleeping in the nude with naked preteen girls. Hmph!

  9. He is more like a 6″ beefy blond blue-eyed Gandhi with an inclination for childhood spent in the Land Of Spice (bourgeois bastard), who may or may not like to sleep in the nude with one who could* pass for a preteen girl (colonial perv). But handsome, yes. Phwarr, times oh yeah.Now, your turn! – VV*a preteen who’s really grown into her boobs.

  10. on behalf of my friend who is flat on her back and hyperventilating from the sight of Alan Rickman in a kiltthis comment says:thank you for the sight of Alan Rickman in a kilt.or anything really.Go rent Judas Kiss, his old noir with Emma Thompson.

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