Parents for sale, cheap

Travel on public transport has been a bit wearing of late. It’s not as though I have a choice in the matter, but not to exaggerate the issue, every time I get on a tram or a train something utterly rancid and foul happens. And it’s getting worse.

If it’s not bogan chicks blowing smoke on their gremlin offspring it’s the sparsely-clad, screeching Gen Y’s toting Bacardi Breezers in their implausible handbags, oceans of discarded fast food wrappers, wild-eyed chromers up the back, drunks having a leak between the carriages or the increasing number of violent arrests of surly Oliver Reedish gents by Connex ‘officers’ with a degree in non-verbal conflict resolution.

One of these arrests occurred across my lap, but that’s a story for a different post.

So it gladdens my heart to know that occasionally, some things happen on trains that aren’t totally feral. On the weekend I was involved in the following exchange at Flinders St with a chap in a Crows guernsey and two long-suffering parents in tow:

Chap: Parents for sale! Parents for sale! Going cheap! Offer ends soon!!

Bystanders: …..

Chap: Will anyone buy these parents? Going cheap!

Me: How cheap?

Chap: How much have you got?

Me: I’ll give you five bucks the pair

Long-suffering Dad (eager to join in the japery): What about twenty-five bucks? I have it here!

And then we all cacked ourselves, thinking us mighty witty.


6 thoughts on “Parents for sale, cheap

  1. I love it when things like that happen. I had a similar experience on Anzac Day with total strangers and it always feels good to connect, even if just for a moment.And in other news, you’ve been tagged!

  2. Did he look a little like the one with the skateboard and hound in Venice Beach?Just as a work of art, that one comes close to the perfect photograph, I think.

  3. this contrasts with me walking briskly around the city today and red cross people trying to stop me to cajole donations. i was stopped by 4 different ones. by the end i was charging past going “no time”. i can only imagine how that came across. you free friday?-mk

  4. BC: My life is an open book, but I will try!Mai:Few men compare to the one in the shot, but I have not feasted my eyes for YONKS on said gent. I did however spy an extremely hairy turbanned fellow on Sydney Rd t’other day. His wife wasn’t hairy, but she certainly gave me the hairy eyeball…MK: I for one would not like to cross you as you were ‘briskly traversing’ the city! Friday free I am – we shall discuss.

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