Gearbox troubles – James Craig

Poor lassie! The moment she came through the heads, the gearbox broke, and now they have to send to Italy for parts! And is now berthed at Williamstown with nothing to do!! Everyone is very sad…

But note the topmost yard, right near the top of the mast?? I was there… And the bowsprit at the fore? I went to the end of that too.

7 thoughts on “Gearbox troubles – James Craig

  1. Only a matter of time – we did a safety boat drill (which was also thrilling) but not a man overboard drill. I long to scale the Jacob’s Ladder!

  2. Or moi! I long to be rescued by a swarthy sailor…hmmm…Just to give some scale (and make me sound more fab) – see the two yards close together? You can fit five people along each side, quite spaced apart. That’s 10 people to furl a sail! It’s surprisingly a bit easier than the Enterprize!!

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