After last week, even my muscles have muscles

One sprained toe
Sunburn, lower left leg
One long rope burn, right arm
Two rope burns, forehead and nose
Many pulled muscles, both arms
Two big bruises, about 10 cm below each hipbone
One smaller thumb-shaped bruise, left side of trunk

No, my sex life has not all of a sudden become more interesting, I have just had a busy week:

MONDAY: free trapeze workshop with my smashing niece, who was a star (I was not)
TUESDAY: vigorous and bitchy game of netball in which I got my second ‘most valuable player’ award
THURSDAY: Spin class
FRIDAY: afternoon of sail training on the James Craig with dashing and fabulous Sydney crew followed by drinks at the Pirate’s Tavern
SATURDAY: full day of sail training on James Craig, during which I clambered up to the topmost yard in the driving rain, followed by drinks at the Pirate’s Tavern, then the Royal Yacht Club
SUNDAY: full day of sails on the Enterprize

No wonder I feel so shagged.

Look at my niece’s form! The pointy toes and the straight body! Not that it was a competition, but she was the best in the class.

Aunty Boo however resembled a particularly uncoordinated sack of spuds. Even the Manchester Unity building in the background looks less solid than I.

2 thoughts on “After last week, even my muscles have muscles

  1. You should come to our farm for a few days. Admittedly, not as exotic sounding, but about as treacherous.Level with me. Have you slipped in goat shit while chasing said animal? And landed on thy butt, plop-skwish? Or tripped and fallen into a creek fed by Canadian mountain streams, ie, melted snow? And then tripping on the rugrat’s Tonka truck in the kitchen and somehow landing with your hand on the hot burner? True life adventures from Mai’s distant past.I was in shape in those days. And I will be again. I promise. But no goats or mountain streams, maybe some rugrats, though. Do they still make Tonka trucks?

  2. Ooh, I long to fish in a Canadian mountain stream. And build a wilderness shelter from ice!!I’ve slipped in goat shit in W Africa, but only by accident, not from chasing one!

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