Call up a fairy-tale world and drift away on your dreams

This individual was recently brought to my attention:

It’s times like these I really wish I was Dutch. And after doing a quick poll, I discovered that not only is he known and adored all over the world but most people’s mums are half in love with him.

André is one of these classical musicians hell-bent upon ‘bringing it to the masses’ to enormous acclaim. He’s taken every well-known piece of music guaranteed to get every toe tappin,’ and brought them together under one roof. With accordions. And Riverdance. On ice. He is Yanni, Kamahl and Kenny G in the one person, but better. People weep and sing during his shows – I suspect they have to hose the seats down after every performance.

Look! Observe! It’s no coincidence that his surname is pronounced something like ‘RRRRRAOW’. The only thing I love more than his forehead is his chin. His expression goes well beyond smug. That man is enormously happy with himself. I am enormously happy with his floppy hair and snow-white dicky.

André’s website is a breathtaking abundance of adjectives, exclamation marks, quality merchandise, recipes, the Benny Hill theme song clamouring with Les Miserables for attention, and beautiful, beautiful clip art. I suspect the English translation is a tad more interesting than intended, and veers between fawning interjections like ‘damn is André proud of that!!!’ and musings from the man himself such as ‘The instrument even has a feminine shape, with its nice rounded shoulders, its waist and hips, neck and head. It’s a real experience.’

Dirty bugger.

The most exciting part is of course the 3D-animated video, which highlights something described as ‘Een romantische nacht in Wenen’:

A Romantic Viennese Night in front of a real Viennese emperor’s palace, with André Rieu & his Johann Strauß Orchestra & Choir, many soloists, the Platin Tenors, The Viennese State Opera Ballet, 80 Viennese Debutantes, the golden coach with Empress Sissi & Emperor Franz Joseph, The Viennese Ice Dancers, the most famous figure-skating champions, Viennese “Fiaker” with horses & lackeys, wonderful costumes, fantastic music, lots of waltzes and much much more…

“Make sure you won’t miss this fantastic unique concert!!!!” exhorts the tagline.

So let me see…it’s got a real palace, singers, ballerinas, debutantes, a golden coach, European royalty, ice skaters, horses…oh, and le beau André himself. The only things missing from my nostalgic childhood references are a mistily romantic poster of a girl tying her pointe shoes, a copy of The Little Green Road to Fairyland and Michael J. Fox.

To think I’ve been living without him for so long. The enchanting picture below adorns my desktop and makes me laugh and sing very time I turn on the computer. I am in lerve.

5 thoughts on “Call up a fairy-tale world and drift away on your dreams

  1. There is something enchanting about him, I agree. He has all the good-natured conceit of a pampered housecat, tonnes of charm and a great sense of humour. And that accent. He has a good start on the hair. Now he needs to grow a beard and tie a turban.But isn’t he a little old for you? And a little light, too?

  2. Ah, an intellectual crush, Boo. He’s no Donny Osmond, that’s for sure, but what he does for music appreciation is great. I thought Carl Stalling of Warner Brothers animation fame also gave highbrow music to the general populace but a little more randomly.

  3. i saw him conducting a new years eve extravanganza in st petersburg (i think, it was on the telly) and he was rather contagious and mesmerising. the crowd was going

  4. Ah Mai, but the odd honky comes under my sweeping gaze….on occasion. And this one sure is odd.LL but WB music has the added bonus of brilliant animation drawn by talented artists. Whereas Andre is…well he has his talents too I suppose. For bringing me under his SPELL!!MK I need to hear more about you privately watching a NYE extravaganza on telly.For fans of Harry Potter, he really reminds me of Gilderoy Lockhart. His autograph is on every single bit of crappy merch on his site.I am attempting to get his latest CD cover up, with little success. It is called ‘Weiner Melange.’

  5. André’s newest CD is: Waltzing Matilda, recorded with Mirusia Louwerse. Must by it fron Australia, silly import laws prevent it from being in André’s boutique for now.I hope everyone can go to a concert, and see Andre & his JSO LIVE. You will find you are 5 years old again, as you dance, sing, sway, clap, and move to the music.Andre & Raffi? now there’s an

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