A pause

I’m taking a leaf from Pomgirl’s Limey book and taking a break from the ole blogging over the next month. I need to concentrate on a few pressing things:

-marketing my business
-writing my book
-sorting out my shite in general (with the occasional shiver of me timbers, see below)

I find that I’m not getting a lot out of it at the moment, and am scraping to find the time and inspiration to a) write my own blog and b) read other people’s stuff. I think that if you can’t manage those two simple things, then you can hardly qualify as a blogger, eh?

But fear not! I’ll be back in November with all sorts of the usual stuff and nonsense, random thoughts, posturing, complaining and lifting up the scabs of life to see what’s underneath.

7 thoughts on “A pause

  1. Will you really last a month? Ah, I shall respect your desire for solitude. For a whole month, I shall not shout: SEATTLE TO BOO, SEATTLE TO BOO! COME IN BOO. I NEED A BOO FIX. NO, I SHALL NOT.But I shall bravely trudge on through the muck, with no bright rainbow in the oil slick to cheer me on. I shall persevere.And you shall re-emerge just in time for my annual ‘Remember the Murdering Mob of Bastards’ Angst.To work now, Matey! (I can’t figure out how to work in a ‘shiver me timbers!’)Bon voyage, mon ami.

  2. Ooh, good luck, especially with writing your book.I’ve not been doing too much blog reading recently but would be very sad if you stopped blogging…I would have to force you to be my Real Life Friend!Px

  3. 27 October 2007OK, Boo, you have had your month. And a long month it has been. Burma. Ludhiana, Hell Freezes Over.If you want more, you really must apply for extended leave.But consider this:Our Week of Remembrance begins on 31 October. That is a time I gather around me my friends and family to preserve what’s left of my sanity while we all remember. You are a friend. This is a special invitation.But it’s up to you. *Guilt**Guilt trip*Love,Mai TI

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