In the interests of full disclosure, I am reporting the contents of an email I received the other day. I got a very polite note from Lad Litter, who pointed out that ‘Sean’, from the previous post, is a local chap who has done rather well playing footy and cricket at his club, and even plays for a representative Victorian footy team for intellectually disabled young men.


Lad Litter goes on to explain: As you can imagine we’re very proud of him and the way he works really hard on fitness and strength.

This was originally to do better at footy and cricket but unfortunately has led to the sort of narcissism and belief that he might be catnip for the ladies, that you encountered. He’s a good-hearted, generous fellow who loves a chat, got a kind word for everyone, but just comes on a bit too strong, sometimes comically, as you noted.

Now I’ve never made a habit at poking fun of intellectually disabled people, but I suppose there’s a first time for everything. Not that I could tell in this case – all I thought is that Sean was perhaps a little, er, not all there and a bit full-on for my tastes. Which can be said for many of the people I meet in the ‘Wick.

So on the bad side, I did burn with shame. On the good side, I’ve been introduced to a super new blog, which can never be a bad thing.

6 thoughts on “Postscript

  1. Oh dear! Burn, baby, burn!And Lad Litter’s blog is NSFW – I opened the link and he’s got a huge post about viagra with pictures!!! Luckily my team members are all MIA today so there was no-one behind me to notice.

  2. Hurray. Oh, goody! Boo ate crow on her blog.Now you did your bad. And I did mine. But…My bad’s worser than your bad, though….Yours was done from ignorance. Mine was a temper tantrum.And even intellectually challenged men can be taught manners and gentlemanliness toward women… Or maybe not, since few men of any sort can be taught that.NSFW? Nude Sex For Winos? Nasty Shell Fish Widgets? Not Safe For Women?

  3. Not Safe for Work.Which, yes, would include nude sex for winos.I might also be guilty of this one (not the sex with winos… although… yes, actually, guilty of that one but that’s not what I mean). I mean if Kyle Sandilands is mentally handicapped.

  4. Don’t feel too bad GS. As Mai suggests, the women at the footy club (very maternal towards all of the chaps like Sean) are trying to get Sean to rein in his out-thereness with females. My view is you had a funny encounter, you blogged about it. Being local, and knowing that you’re bound to bump into him again, I just wanted to let you know there is some background. But isn’t Brunswick colourful in terms of its locals? You’re in a good spot for blog material.

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