Poor roos…

This photo made me sad…

…I am a bit pathetic about some beasties. Every time I see a picture of burnt koala after a bushfire I need a cry and a lie down. I hope these roos survive our snap!

7 thoughts on “Poor roos…

  1. Oh. Oh. Ms. Boo. How sad. It reminds My Majesty of the time My Majesty flew out the door during the Alaskan winter. My Majesty squawked and squawked and squawked out orders until after many hours, well, maybe two minutes, Fatlady came and brought My Majesty back into the warmth of My Majesty’s palace.But better cold than this!!http://gathuku.blogspot.com/search/label/Kangaroo%20slave-Australia'Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God. My Majesty knows not what course others may take, but as for My Majesty, give My Majesty liberty or give My Majesty death!’SQUAWK! SQUAWK!!SQUAWK!!!

  2. I’m exactly the same. Animal suffering often makes me fall in an emotional, overwhelmed heap. I will sometimes even question (AGAIN!) the meaning of life, etc. When I just think of animal suffering (ie. see a dog or bird going near the road) my heart literally hurts.The roos will be fine… Won’t they?

  3. Where I live, I avoid walking on the main roadf because of the roadkill. Opposums, racoons, the occassional kitty. It makes me so sad that I usually just walk somewhere else.I ask why, too, but have never gotten a satisfactory answer, any more than for all the other evil in the world.The best I can come up with is Kalyug and, as we are taught, the inexplicable ‘hukam of Waheguru.’And just keep going.

  4. Bic, it’s fine. Kangaroos are adapted to live through cold snowy winters. They grow fuzzy winter coats to keep them warm. They forage under the snow for grasses. They live in the mountains. They’ll be fine.

  5. Your maj: perhaps a little knitted waistcoat?? Set with jewels and other adornments?? And a woolly crown to keep the royal noggin warm?EB & Mai: good to know I am not the only pathetic one. Whenever I see those bushfire koalas I literally want to give the animal shelters all my money.Bek: You must permit me my moments of Fotherington-Thomas! Their said little furry faces, aw.

  6. BBBJ,I have to thank you for taking Gathuku seriously. You have no idea how difficult it can be to live with a megalomaniac parrot.Advice to those with ‘companion animals’ – I’m taking a risk here, I’m not really into PC, but if I said ‘pets’ I might lose my eyes or something as I sleep -: Don’t give them their own blogs. They become monsters. And never, ever, EVER, give them their own e-mail accounts; they believe they really have won all the money in the lottery and those letters from people with Muslim names from Africa really want them to have all that money! And the penis enlargement ads…enough said. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

  7. Hey, I just came back here to read the comments, finished reading, turned my head to look out the window and saw a roo across the road looking back. He lives at the golf course. I’ve only ever seen one. I hope he/she is not lonely. I’m tempted to feed him through the fence but I’m scared someone might take advantage of him taking food from people by poisoning some.I know what you mean with animal charities. When I discovered animalsasia.org [I’m not trying to get anyone to give them money by mentioning this, just sharing cause it blew me away] I immediately gave them the biggest donation I’ve ever given a charity. They have a section re bears but I gave most to the dogs and cats (to stop people treating them cruelly and then eating them – I won’t go into any more detail). Anyway, listen to Bek! Happy fluffy roos, Hooray! 🙂 (happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts… la la la…)

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