What is the point, as molesworth mite sa

The ever-wonderful and awe-inspiring Mai wondered if I’d compiled a ‘best of’ blog posts yet. To which I thought, hmmm. Have I even done one decent post yet? Which got me thinking:

What is this whole blog malarkey about anyway?

I know there are interesting political blogs, and literary ones and blogs about good brekkies, and some blogs appear to be entirely dedicated to porn, or cats, or both, but what about the rest of us? The blogs filed under ‘general’? Why do we do it?

For me it’s just an exercise in skimming off the dross sitting on the top of my head. I work all day on my own, and by jingo by crikey I need an outlet for all of my loopier rants. When I first started, I heard a lot about how blogs were just a ‘childish lot of crap’ or ‘something for people with too much time on their hands’ (I love this last one, as though the insulter spends their entire day bustling about dramatically saving lives and the insult-ee smokes bongs, makes dreamcatchers and is a drain on the Public Purse).

But I have to say I’ve warmed to the whole thing.

I find my blog useful for observing all the lame metaphors, tired sayings, repetitive words and other crutches I rely upon as a writer eg:

-Shit headlines
-Random capitalisation eg: The Good Times.
-Random full stops eg: Holy. Fucking. Cow.
-Too! Many!! Exclamation!!! Marks!!!!
-When lacking a good segue, exclaim: Ho for Anstey Station! or Ho for egg nogg and strip poker!
-Overuse of amusing, hilarious, hilarity, hijinks, anyway, so, chuckle and lovingly
-Overlong sentences with too much confusing and/or irrelevant shit going on
-Overlong posts, over 1000 words
-Answering my own rhetorical questions with the phrase ‘I think not’.
-Injection of the odd French, Spanish or Arabic phrase thrown in, as though hinting I may have a classical education

…and so on and so forth

Not that I can be bothered to do anything about it on this site, but picking up on this stuff does help my commercial writing somewhat. (see? somewhat – another old favourite). And of course there’s the documenting of one’s life for the amusement of others. Posterity I declare! Otherwise who will remember me when I’m dead? Chiz moan drone. (molesworth refs – another chestnut)

One of the downsides to all this public posturing on blogs is that you can’t write exactly what you want. Some people fancy themselves a bit of a Nikki Gemmell, and make coy allusions to people they may or may not have bonked in locations you may or may not have heard of. There’s The Age bloggers, who are (mostly) in their own sad little category, where they get paid and have large readerships, but still whinge about it. As for me, I’m open to all readers but can’t write everything down, because I have family, friends and other inquisitive types around who either want to catch up on the latest, or keep tabs on me or both.

So why don’t I just write a private blog then? Accessible to no-one but me? To which I reply (yet again, in answer to my rhetorical question): where would the fun be in that? It’s a challenge not to blurt out the first thing that pops into my head, to make it readable and enjoyable and not too long. And yes it does takes valuable time out of my day (when I could be smoking bongs, making dreamcatchers etc etc), but I think that in the long run, and for a reason I can’t define, will be worth it.

Conversely, why do I read other people’s blogs? Some defy description, like Mai’s retelling of her life story. Others – well I like to be entertained, intrigued, educated or just tickled in a variety of ways, and told honestly, without any editorial interference, advertising budget or other agendas. And some blogs may not be always that gripping, but it’s the fact that someone halfway across the world (whom I may never meet) is writing about their daily life in Tomboctou or Cardiff or wherever. I find this rather splendid.

I have noticed that The Cool People appear to either have very few links on their blogs or never update them. (clearly too busy saving lives, building schools etc) I however, at the faintest glimmer of a new reader, will hasten to my template and upload their link quicksticks because I’m a bit sad in that way. And every day, I get to see ‘what happened next’, which I suppose is the curiosity (voyeurism?) that burns in a lot of us.

Without sounding like an MTV-style ‘yo yo shout-out to all my peeps in the hood’, why do other people do this? This blogging malarkey, the relentless and restless urge to document? And why do you read other people’s blogs?

I long to know.

13 thoughts on “What is the point, as molesworth mite sa

  1. Well I read yours because you are a grate friend and also because your blog is a lot of interesting topics all mixed up together it is like an atomic xplosion cheers cheers cheers.And I write mine because it amuses me to do so.

  2. I’m still kinda figuring it out myself… I enjoy writing, rambling, and like you clearing head-clutter. I think it’s just another form of self-expression which gets to be a mix of creativity, healthy clutter-ridding journaling, and socialising (I mean, once you start reading blogs you kinda want to join in!).I read blogs cause I find people interesting/informative, entertaining/humorous and/or because they are good writers. You my dear of course are all three! 🙂

  3. I started writing my blog because I didn’t have anyone to talk to when I first moved to Melbourne. I could witter on about whatever clothes I was wearing or the book I was reading, the usual blog fluff.It was some time before I realised there was this whole community of bloggers, and the fascination of reading blogs from all around the world. I read blogs to be entertained, and from curiosity about other people’s lives. I’m also really interested in the whole idea of ‘blogging’ and people cataloguing their lives.I’m often surprised by how little people have to say.

  4. Haha. Since I started in 2001 (1996 if you count my password-only journal to my mother and sister), it’s probably out of habit. I wouldn’t know what to do with all those extra words and ideas tumbling around in my head without my bloog.Back in the day, only 1 person I knew in real life had a bloog. Now everyone and their granny has one, although not so many of my real-life friends do. I think it’s just a way to peek into someone else’s mind and realise you’re not such a freak after all. I’ve made some friends in real life after reading their bloog. Strange how someone can meet someone else for the first time but chat as though one has known the other for years!

  5. I do it to lose friends and irritate people…Honestly, though, I’ve forgotten why I bother – it seems to be a terrible habit and the answer to ‘what happens next’ seems to be ‘not much’.

  6. Well, since you ask…I do it bc, like you say, to unclutter certain things. And i’ve come to notice that, more than just randomly rambling about all inane things (although there is a fair amount of that, obv), i get to choose and pick more carefully other things of, say, more poysonal content i’d want to let go in the ether of virtuality. Which is like therapy, only better…written? Hopefully? More thoughtful, definitely… It allows me to choose what i’d like to keep all mine, what i can let go, what i can refine by throwing a little parcels out. It’s a fine line. And one that i am rather curious about :).And i like to see others do it, because i am an adulterated nosy little posy! And i like being inspired, touched, understood, challenged by someone with a wicked sense of humourall over the world. Because, strangely, it gives me hope…And birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it! So why not do it and fall in love! ^_^

  7. BBBJ,’Ever-wonderful and awe-inspiring’? Oh, my ego!! And I had hoped I was overcoming that.I’m OK. Can’t say much because of nondisclosure agreement, but my medical bills are being taken care of by a company that can well afford it.I blog mostly because I like to write and most of my professional writing is so damned dull that I long for some self-expression. Plus I think I have something to say. I never dreamed when I started that anyone would actually find my blog – after all, how many millions of blogs are there? I found yours through Google Alerts – remember Mr. Melting Chocolate Eyes?Our Khalistan blog is primarily a service to the Sikh sangat to try to get others to speak out about their experiences in 1984. It hasn’t been very successful at that, but it has developed a readership, thanks to Google Alerts. These days they pick up those posts almost before they are published. I am told that means people are reading it.Why do I read blogs? For fun and friendship, not necessarily in that order. Also just to marvel at the Internet. I remember the days before satellites. Hell, I remember Sputnik I!I’m still a bit hyper from, they tell me, that medication, but my bp is almost normal and I don’t feel angry.My Kaurs and I have a picnic planned for today and I intend to enjoy myself.

  8. She (meaning me) doesn’t know when to shut up.Please read my Independence Day post. I am quite proud of it. http://mai-sometimes.blogspot.com/.I have been advised in strong term (ordered) not to publish it, but I am the same Mai that fought a murderous mob in Delhi and survived. Once my mind is made up, I am not easily dissuaded.

  9. Bek: Ah, merci! As the Fr sa. Altho it is a swiz or a swindle when you spend too long doing it, like today… MK: aha! I knew it!EB: A shout out to my sistah in Perth – woo hoo! Thanks EB.PomG: Curiosity seems to be a central theme, I see! It seems like the perfect way to keep in touch with people back home, without writing interminable bulk emails and so on!Andrea: Yours was in fact the first bloog I knew about. I recall being astounded that you actually designed it yourself. 1996 eh? I think that’s an awesome memoir to keep – you’ll dig up some interesting things in years to come I think!NailpolishB: My dear you must keep at it vigorously or let it drop for a while. I’m sure all will become clear with the passage of time. Chin up!VV: therapy! I forgot to mention that – that is a fine reason. I too am far too nosy on the Internerd and get way too much vicarious delight from complete strangers. Although, as Mai said on one of her posts, some feel more like friends although we haven’t met!Mai: hmm some ominous health-related things here. I hope you are ok. A Kaur-related picnic sounds like just the thing. Bon journee!

  10. Wow, you’re getting very psychic. Not only did this post say an awful lot of the things I’ve been thinking lately but I’d also figured that either I go at it madly, hapazardly, and, above all, constantly or go on hiatus. Presently undecided.

  11. Cats and pornography? My curiosity got the better of me and I googled. There are approximately 1,700,000 entries. And I was using my ‘moderately safe search,’ as reall pornography tends to (I admit) gross me out.I sometimes google on unrelated words just to see what will come up. I have learned some interesting things this way, like, did you know that they used to use Egyptian mummies as locomative fuel?Kitty porn. That’s not funny, Ji.

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