This weekend I…

-Friday arvo lunch with Natal over Indian food at Flora. Spanked the credit card with new Converse and a new coat (have told everyone it is made with the same insulating material used by the US military and New York firefighters and has a real fox fur hood, so no need to mention it any further).

-Friday night arrived home to find new housemate made a crackling fire in the grate and arranged a large pile of wood outside. Scrabble, Big Bogan and takeaway Turkish meats at Golden Terrace with MK.

-Saturday morning Northcote Artisan’s Market with Franner. Bought ickle pirate singlet and card for friend’s imminent baby. Substandard chocolate place in High St – loos half built, dodgy lights, bad service. Peanut butter on toast and hot chocolate so thick you could stand a spoon up in it.

-Set off at 2pm for night of hijinks! Trained it to Cheltenham for Marco’s ‘I survived Iraq’ partee. Party pies, mini quiches and lollies. Apple and guava cocktail. Saw many intriguing pics, including one of an American woman soldier who had painted a moustache on as a way of ‘fending off unwanted male advances’. Real story. I preferred the Aussie version: the doctor who worked with my mate was groped by her translator. She pulled out her gun, held it to his head and said ‘If you do that again I’ll blow your fucking head off.’

-Trained back to Sth Yarra to be picked up in my sister’s new hybrid car (she warned me, South Park-style, that there was a ‘high smug alert’ around her house). Drove to Kew for the fatherly birthday. He received many fascinating gifts such as a book on stamp collecting, a giant illuminated magnifying glass and more Hitler stuff, beloved of men of a certain vintage. Sushi and a birthday cake made by adorable nieces. Entertained by the uncle and more tales of Errol Flynn, swordfighting etc etc. Other sister rang from Moscow to say hi.

-Dropped off at Abbotsford for Annoi’s drinks and a final sift through the dregs of their dinner party. White wine, tea and piece of lasagne. Tried not to overstay my welcome, but dragged self off couch at three, after picking over the thorny questions of existence with Annoi.

-Sunday shopping with A-Zee to buy substandard heater. Grey’s Anatomy, cauliflower curry and bed.


5 thoughts on “This weekend I…

  1. Nice. I bought a new coat recently too (about the only shopping I really like – clothing-wise – is for jackets). Mine’s not nearly as exciting as yours though. :(Who’s your uncle to be able to speak of Errol! Sounds rather swashbuckling, etc.

  2. EB: Ah, my uncle was born at least two centuries too late! I just sourced something for him called ‘Julie, Chevalier de Maupin” which is entirely in French – not that he cares. He just wants to see the swordfighting!Andrea: Isn’t the History Channel in the US called the Hitler Channel? I know, there’s something endlessly fascinating about the Nazis. However the manly interest in Hitler seems to be as inevitable as a copy of Catch-22 in the bookshelf!

  3. BBBJ,Aw, heck, I was taught that you shouldn’t kill animals – or people, for that matter – to satisfy your carnal pleasures.I did, one time, though, have the PETAs throw dye on my quite expensive faux ocelot jacket. When I showed them under the lining, they were quite unrepentant. ‘Well, it looks like real fur!’ Some days you just can’t win. But since you have it, enjoy it, so at least the little creatures didn’t die in vain. That must count for something.

  4. Mmmm….carnal pleasures…..Those PETA people are a menace!! I have a very clear memory of checking out a cowhide jacket in an op shop years ago….some hippie walked past and spat ‘that’s right, wear a dead animal’ and kept walking. grrrr….

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