Man About the House

My life resembles this at the moment:

And the theme music can be found here.
For those who were not privy to the wonders of this 70s British sitcom, it was about the wildly risqué situation of single people living together. Of the opposite sex! Here’s a description, from Television Heaven:

The series began with Chrissy and Jo throwing a farewell party for their flatmate and desperately in need of a replacement to help share the bills. The morning after the night before they discover a young catering student by the name of Robin Tripp, who, having fallen foul of the girls home made punch, wakes up in the bathtub with the mother of all hangovers. Once the girls discover that Robin is looking for somewhere to live and above all else – that he can cook, they offer him the vacant bedroom whilst at the same time warning him to keep out of theirs. But first there’s the problem of the landlords, Mr and Mrs Roper.

George Roper is petty minded, middle-aged and unemployed and would not tolerate any ‘funny goings-on’ under his roof (not even between his own wife and himself). So the girls concoct a story that Robin is gay and suitably mollified George agrees that Robin can stay, much to the delight of his frustrated wife, Mildred, who enjoys nothing more than a good flirt.

In the so-called permissive society there was very little permissiveness going on at 6 Myddleton Terrace, Earls Court and most of the comedic situations centred on other peoples misunderstandings of the girls and Robin’s relationship, especially potential boyfriends, girlfriends or neighbours…although not Chrissy’s mum who was assured of the girls safety now that they had “…a man about the house.”

What a shocking show!! I have very fond memories of the credits…platform shoes, improbable collars, Yootha Joyce pursing her considerable lips at her husband, and of course comic discoveries of scandalous items such as women’s undies, slips and even (gasp!) brassieres.

I look forward to hijinks such as this under my own roof:

5 thoughts on “Man About the House

  1. Heavens! I remember watching this, but I didn’t recall them as being so, well, shabby…! Mind you, we all were a bit shabby in the 70s (and thank god I was young enough to blame my parents for this). Does this mean you have a man about the house who can cook? Wonderful!

  2. BBBJ,In North America there was a version of this, Three’s Company, I think Suzanne Sommers’ big break. I’m not sure. Through most of the 70s, I didn’t watch TV. Just too busy with other stuff. Can you believe I first saw All In The Family in reruns in the 90s?Is this the digeridoo(sp) gentleman? I heard somewhere that digeridoo music can cure ED; they said it works better than viagra and doesn’t leave the poor dude blind.rhebwo

  3. EB: He hee – I don’t remember much of the actual humour, just the wonders of the credits!! The new housie RECKONS he can cook, but as he hasn’t settled in yet, remains to be seen. But he does fix things, take out bins, and generally take care of shit for which I am thoroughly grateful.Mai: If I lived in the States I would watch nothing but reruns on telly, eat Twinkies and weigh 150 kgs. Someone remind me never to go there. He is the digeridoo chap indeed. He fired it up the other day for my amusement, and it was rather a lovely sound! I know not of the ‘Aboriginal viagara’ theory, but it’s a goodie.

  4. Not a bad situation for you, much better than being Mildred in the great follow up show – “George and Mildred”.What a ginger weasel that George was.But of course not as good as being married to the delectable Robin and running your own restaurant in the awful follow up show “Robin’s Nest”.

  5. Oooh I don’t remember Robin’s Nest. I do have fond recollections of his fine bushy mutton chops.I think they’re playing George and Mildred at the moment, which is worth watching for the clothes at least!!

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