Some Scaramouche quotes to keep our spirits up

For anyone who likes their movies with extra cheese…

Aline de Gavrillac: I have your word as a man!
Andre Moreau: As an incarnate fiend.

Philippe de Valmorin:(about a revolutionary pamphlet): Well, what do you think of it?
Andre Moreau: Well the grammar is apalling. On the first page you’ve doubled two negatives, split an infinitive and missed out three commas.
Philippe de Valmorin: Negatives, infinitives, comas he prattles punctuation while France is in agony!

Aline de Gavrillac: I don’t suppose you can mend a broken wheel?
Andre Moreau: Unfortunately not. A broken heart…
Aline de Gavrillac: Oh thank you but might heart is quite intact.
Andre Moreau: I envy you. Mine is in chains from this moment.

Doutreval of Dijon: Think of the sword like a bird. Clutch it too tightly and you choke it. Too lightly and it flies away.

Marie Antoinette: I am angry with you, sir.
Noel, Marquis de Maynes: Angry, Your Majesty?
Marie Antoinette: Very angry! You know why, of course.
Noel, Marquis de Maynes: Could it be for fighting Count de Talles?
Marie Antoinette: Among others.
Noel, Marquis de Maynes: I only scratched him a little.
Marie Antoinette: They say you crippled him for life.
Marie Antoinette And five minutes later, you killed the Baron Marblaux.
Noel, Marquis de Maynes: An unfortunate accident. He ran into my sword.

Michael Vanneau: Are you mad?
Andre Moreau: We’re all out of our minds, haven’t you observed it?

Perigord of Paris: You have a demon in you, this fine day. Lose it or you’ll not live to see another.

Dr. Dubuque: You believe in liberty, you know it’s being strangled.
Andre Moreau: l also believe in laughter and l know the world is mad.

Assembly President: Deputy du Rouge, representing the Soissons district?
Andre Moreau: Mr. President, the deputy from Soissons will be absent from this assembly… permanently.

Deputy DeCrillion (attempting to challenge him to a duel): Your face revolts me. Your eyes are pig’s eyes, and your ears…
Andre Moreau: All right. Behind the cathedral at 6:00.


4 thoughts on “Some Scaramouche quotes to keep our spirits up

  1. Moreau’s girlfriend on Moreau: ‘I should be burnt at the stake for loving you.’The Count De Mayne on the coming of the French Revoloution:’A De Mayne is no man’s equal. We sit alone at the head of the table.’Sabitini on Scaramouche:He was born with the gift of laughter and the belief that the world was mad.This is a great piece of fiction and the movie is even better. The Count De Mayne is one of the movies’ greatest and most enduring villians. We will not see his like again. Scaramouche’s swordmanship is the greatest deuling on screen, except perhaps for The Court Jester.And if we were all more like Scaramouche, the world would be a truly wonderful place.

  2. Oh, and this old chestnut!:Andre Moreau: My friend Chabrillaine. I know, my face. It reminds you of a bos taurus horrendus.Chevalier de Chabrillaine: What’s that?Andre Moreau: An Ethiopian ox. Some of these are really going to come in handy in my everyday conversation. Ah, I already trail bemusement behind me everywhere I go…Thank you Boo! This has cheered my day immensely.(P.S. You have acquired one point.)

  3. I know who this anonymous is, and he is very close to all of us. Scaramouche is truly an enduring movie, and Mel Ferrer looked good in tights. As did Stewart Granger.

  4. I reckon everything Lenore said in that fillum was a classic. Particularly her volley of insults to Andre when he rescues her from marrying the sausage seller!And most men look good in tights. Bring back the codpiece I say. Mel Ferrar’s slender silver numbers high in the top ten though. Hmmm I feel another post on the Court Jester coming upon me…

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