Justin Who?

As I am having quite the shitful time at the moment and cannot blog about it fully until it’s all over, I will entertain none and sundry with the amusingness of my parents.

We were watching a particularly buttock-clenching episode of Parkinson, where he fawned over Kate Winslet and Jude Law. Both were completely empty-headed. My parents have also never encountered Justin Timberlake before, and it was a nasty shock I must say.

Dad: Who is that unprepossessing person?
Mum (from the kitchen): Urgh!
Me: That’s Justin Timberlake. He used to boof Britney Spears, back in the day.
Dad: He can’t sing a note! Look at him – all those weird movements, and that voice! What is this musical style called?
Me: I think it’s some sort of hip-hop.
Mum (from the kitchen): Tch!
Dad: Hm. I suppose there’s elements of that in there.
Mum (from the kitchen): Gawd love us!
Dad: And is he considered attractive?
Me (knowledgeably): He is considered quite the sex symbol. He used to go out with Cameron Diaz. They broke up recently you know.
Mum (from the kitchen): He’s awful. JESUS.

7 thoughts on “Justin Who?

  1. What fine perceptive parents you have Boo! I caught some of that Parkinson too. I kept tuning out and doing other things it was so riveting. Once JT was singing I had it on mute. I do recall he was at least smartly clad – nice waistcoat and all. But I’ve never understood his sex-symbol worthiness. Ick.

  2. BBBJ,YECHCHCHCHCHCH!!!!!!He can’t sing. He can’t dance. He is ugly. He is not masculine. Even a beard and a turban wouldn’t help.Right now, we Sikhs are commemorating the beginning of the Third Ghalaghura, Massacre Blue Star, when the Indian Army stormed the Golden Temple. I need to get back to that stuff, but thought I’d take a break and visit you for a minute.And what do I find but a satanic-looking Justin. OMG.pauij diyptop ddtqp

  3. BBBJ,Capon, OK.But no need to insult the children.On second thought, no need to insult – what are they now? – castrated roosters.kfgvgy

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