They do not have the English sense of Honour

The debacle over Therese Rein has simply paled into insignificance with the eruption of this shocking news: THE EFFICIENT GERMANS HAVE REWRITTEN MALORY TOWERS.


At the risk of sounding like a fearful prig, this is simply not on. All the Malory Towers and St Claire’s books should exist entirely in their own, perfect vacuum. Untouched for the new PC audience with racist/sexist comments intact, original covers and with dogeared corners, streaks of Vegemite toast and blotches of Milo EXACTLY AS I LEFT THEM.

I found this outrage on Wikipedia:

The German translation of the series adds twelve books occurring after the sixth, with Darrell (in the German version: Dolly Rieder) returning to a college associated with Malory Towers (“Burg Möwenfels”), the “Möwennest” (Malory Nest). As the story develops she returns to Malory Towers, first as educator, then she becomes matron of the famous ‘North Tower’ where she resided as a child. She marries her former “Möwennest” teacher in German and Literature, has a baby girl (Katharina) and finally becomes headmistress of Malory Towers, after Miss Grayling (Frau Greiling) had been seriously injured in a traffic accident, and is unable to work any longer.

*Isn’t this modern cover on the right grotesque?

Several other characters from the first six volumes appear again: Felicity (Felizitas), Darrell’s sister, gets her A-Levels at Malory Towers and moves on to the Malory Nest. Later she marries one of Bill’s brothers. Bill (Will) and her friend Clarissa take over the riding school of both Malory Towers and Malory Nest, Gwendoline (Evelyn) is a student at Malory Nest in Vols. 7 to 9, and Ellen returns to Malory Towers first as teacher, marries a colleague and succeeds Darrell as matron of the North Tower when Darrell becomes headmistress in Vol. 18. Vol. 14 (“Klassentreffen auf der Burg”) is about a class reunion most of the characters from the first six volumes attend.

Although these books also bear the author’s name Enid Blyton, they are not translations of any English books, and some serious fans question their authenticity and their right to be counted as ‘canon’. The author who wrote these books is Rosemarie von Schach who uses several pseudonyms – such as Enid Blyton and Claudia Jones. She is best known as Tina Caspari and the likeness between Tina Caspari’s books (most of them are about girls or horses) and the added Malory-Towers-books is striking.

Like Darrell Rivers however, I am a sensible girl, and shall not feel sad for long. Miss Grayling sent us all away as ‘good-hearted and kind, sensible and trustable, good, sound women the world can lean on’ (this speech always created great hilarity amongst my sisters when I was little). I shall not be short-sheeting anyone’s bed, putting any stones into Wellingtons or galoshes, sewing pockets together or unpicking anyone’s darning.

Coventry is perhaps an option.

3 thoughts on “They do not have the English sense of Honour

  1. BBBJ,I have never heard of these books. Is that the backwardness of a North American upbringing?I have been wanting to say – ‘well, then just say it, no need for the preface'(high school English teacher) – that in this blog, I feel like someone’s Auntie Mame that has crashed a marijuana party of old friends…and been offered a toke.Thanks.I always wanted to be Auntie Mame.But I don’t toke.But I don’t mind if others do.Mainnfox

  2. Eek, Aunti Mame that is a shame! But many people have not read the Sadler’s Wells series or the Adventure series or or or…Crash away my dear!! Just don’t inhale!

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