15-year school reunion wrap-up

Some observations on an all-girl reunion:

Every single woman in the room had ‘another one on the way’ in various stages. At least three were massively pregnant.

I exaggerate: those who weren’t pregnant had just had twins, a number of ankle-biters at home, or were planning to have one soon. One woman had three kids. Three!

Everyone lives on the east side. Everyone.

I asked one woman how she was. “I have a 19-year old boyfriend!” she replied. “People have been high-fiving me all night!!”

It was a sit-down dinner along two long tables. The kewl, bitchy girls took one table, and the rest of us took the other. Fifteen years later, and the battle lines are still drawn along those who listen to Fox FM, and those who listen to RRR.

The Debaucherers – Karen & Amelinda – are still as daggy and good-natured as ever. Karen (who was born at the age of 40) has twin newborn ‘littlies’ at home, and a ‘hubby.’ Amelinda confided she was still keeping the spirit alive by seeing Skid Row at the Forum.

All these years later, and I still wanted to slap the face of Louise K and Katie L.

Lou O picked a fight with Annalise.

Larissa still looks like the Duchess from Alice in Wonderland.

I found one like-minded spinster, a girl who spends all her money on travel. Why was I not friendlier with this girl at school?

Everyone brought photos of babies, weddings and even ultrasounds.

The gregarious Theona came in late, flapping her arms. “Oh, my husband and I live next door to my parents because we’re Greek! My sister lives down the road too – Greek! My brother lives near his parents in law because he’s Greek!! We’re all Greek!!” Still running with the Nick Giannopolous/Con the Fruiterer humour then.

We were made to arrange ourselves on some steps, school photo-style. Then we were ‘shushed’ repeatedly and addressed by the principal, a woman none of us knew. I felt like I was back in year 7 again, and wanted to shout out smartarse comments.

In the interests of full disclosure, and in all modesty, my pals and I looked heaps younger and more smashing than most of the people there. This is no lie.

8 thoughts on “15-year school reunion wrap-up

  1. BBBJ,I went to my 25th in 1995. Mind you, this was halfway between my first stroke in 93 and a complete breakdown in 97. I was not in the best of shape.The coolest of the cool, ‘in-crowd,’ (Betty Drew – we all have a Betty Drew in our past, don’t we?) came up to me, looked at my slightly crooked face and said, ‘Your face looks weird!’ And laughed. I did what I had dreamed of since her first nastiness in grade 8 (’65); I hauled off and slugged her, right in her mouth of perfect, white teeth. Rarely has anything given me such satisfaction.And she didn’t press charges, although she could have. To this day, I have no idea why she didn’t.ujximno (Why do I have to do this twice?) nqwkg

  2. I was going to say something mildly ‘witty’ and ‘amusing’ (ahem), but has completely forgotten what is was (damn!) after reading mai’s comment.I bow to thy greatness.

  3. And of course, Boo, everyone was wildly interested in your career and your travels and your amazing interesting friends and your blog and your groovy pad in Brunswick, weren’t they?Or did their eyes just glaze over after the answer to the question “Do you have any little ones yet?” was given and anything you might have said after that could have been said in Sanskrit for all they knew or cared?Ahh, I can’t wait for my 20 year one. I like the cut of Mai’s jib, now that’s a reunion i want to see.

  4. “I hauled off and slugged her, right in her mouth of perfect, white teeth. Rarely has anything given me such satisfaction.”And this, people, is why we love Mai.Kateoi the answers to your hypotheses are above!!

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