All tip and no iceberg?

I’m building up a massive file of anecdotes and grievances against wee Gen Y tykes, so work with me here… I had the following conversation with my housemate last night, after a full day of food, sailors, gallivanting and shenanigans…

Her: Where have YOU been?
Me: Just come back from ‘Keating! The Musical!’
Her: Huh? What?
Me: Keating…the musical….you know, the musical we had to have. Hur, hur.
Her: Keating??
Me: PAUL Keating…the Prime Minister…?? Before Howard??
Her: Huh. They made a musical? How embarrassing.
Me: Oh no, it was great (starts singing ‘I am da leader of da land’ and dancing around the kitchen).
Her: …..
Me: And it was full of old Labor types. I loved it!
Her: Oh my god!! That’s even more embarrassing!!

Does this make her:

a) a political retard

b) typical of her breed

And this is the worst:

c) a Liberal voter???

11 thoughts on “All tip and no iceberg?

  1. Q1: dont whine to me. I live with two Gen X-ers.Q2: I dunnoQ3: probably – they are all obviously lacking a frame of reference.I would not be embarrassed if anybody wrote and staged a sellout musical about ME!

  2. What I hate is living in a city where an hour on public transport means you have travelled the length and breadth of the place, and so having to wait any more than 5 minutes for a bus is just offensive. I’ve started working a 20 min bus ride away from home and it is so far! And they only come every 15 minutes! A full 15 minute interval between minubuses means I am actually going to a destination beyond the Pale. Less of the bog irish though, and more of the bog bloody well yes hmmph. And so, Boo dear, when I read about Melbourne transport I say… not coming home till I can afford a car the first week! And learn to drive it, of course.

  3. Apparently there’s a CD available through the Company B box office on (02) 9699 3444. I am going to purchase it so I can dance around my living room singing “I am da leader of da land” etc. with background music. The answers to your questions are:(a) yes(b) yesand(c) possibly. Lock her in her room on election day and refuse to let her out until she agrees to do the right thing.God, and Keating! was SO not embarassing. Fucking Gen Y.

  4. Go Away: Gen X!! Now there’s a fine generation! Head screwed on properly!!Infashion: i hear your pain. I did however have the loan of a car for a while, and found that the traffic situation in this city did nothing for my state of mind either.Bek: one of the people I went with bought the CD – and found to his great sadness that the banjo ditty was not in it – the one where all the journos are scat singing – it caused great hirarity in our row for some reason.c) is the one that worries me the most!!! have these people no CONSCIENCE??

  5. i recall one of my lecturers at uni delighting in calling himself a “gen x-er”. one day i scoffed, and he got offended. he thought that i did not think he was young enough to be part of generation x. actually i was scoffing at his preparedness to embrace the label. by the way boo,i saw you reference big brother on another blog. i knew you were a closet fan. that’s it. it is ON.-mk

  6. I would say: if a and b then c is a given.I came across a lot of those types at uni. They’d only be about four or five years younger than me but the generation gap was enormous. Pretty weird ’cause I’m on cusp of X and Y and I would never have thought it so clearly delineated.

  7. It is BECAUSE these youngsters did not have the benefit of a Labor government in their teenage years that they are all such self-centred little cunts.

  8. i don’t know why you all hate these kids so much. my greatest pleasure at work at the moment is cutting them down to size. really they are no match.

  9. Ho! There’s not really a match as they’re not even interested in the, er match. You know what I mean. I am just astounded at the fact that, as politically retarded as I am, I can still grasp the rudiments of the basics, whereas even this seems to have passed some people by! Hmf!

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