More stuff on the puss

This cat lives entirely for pleasure.

She spends much of her time during the day scaling my office chair and looking for things to paw and chew.
She has taken to squeezing herself into the tiny gap between my computer and the bookshelf, an easy task only a few weeks ago. When she has achieved this she rousts about in my papers, finding jagged edges, cords, pens, pins and other loose & interesting bits.
Yesterday she found a Katydid near the flour canisters. This occupied her thoughts for the entire day.
She also likes to race boisterously up and down the hallway, leaping from couch to chair to top of TV, under the rug and across my head if I’m lucky.
She can jump at least a metre in the air.
Her shite is sometimes so feral you have to burn incense after she’s done.
Last night I took a shower without realising she was in the bathroom. Halfway through she started crying and wailing just on the other side of the shower curtain, as though I should have known she was there.
Sometimes I’ll be reading on my bed and look down to find her on the floor looking at me with a long, steady stare.
She likes to empty my bin of objects, hop in and roll herself along the floor like a trained monkey.
She can also rest on her haunches like a meercat.
She is up-to-date with events on TV, and the Internet.
She is quite happy to have her belly stroked, and doesn’t object to ‘furry rifle’.

Now I know why cat owners are always so annoying.


2 thoughts on “More stuff on the puss

  1. What’s the point of having a digital camera if you can’t take photos of your adorable kitty and show them to everyone?She is so pretty.And if I were a cat, I’d try rolling about in an empty bin. Sounds like loads of fun. In fact I might just give it a go…p.s. My word verification was ‘nasflup’ – I’m thinking this should really be a word.

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