Somebody give me a medal (I already have the chest to pin it on)

In the past 3 weeks, I have written, and submitted:


23,000 words

That’s 5 articles, 60 staff profiles, a catalogue, 6 million pages of real estate copy and PR materials. This doesn’t include the 6 other articles I researched and edited, and general assorted crap eg blog posts and rubbishy e-mails.

No wonder I feel and look like shite.

However, in return for my pains, the following events have occurred:
(to be read out Yankee-style, in the voice of Slim Pickens in Dr Strangelove)

-One press junket to the Hong Kong jewellery fair, all expenses paid
-One free facial, with bonus chemical peel (resulting in red streaks, spots and peeling skin thus contributing to general appearance of pestilence)
-One green tea with ginger biscuit on side and frangipani flower
-One possible new office space lined up, with assorted events/dramas therein
-One final meeting of the NEIS course – yee-haw!
-One new kitty cat (now named Tabasco), for furry feelings of wellbeing and gooey contentment

Geesus, it’s just getting ridiculous. I’m sitting in the backyard surrounded by flapping papers, dictionaries and cigarette butts. Tabasco is wailing piteously inside the door, as she can’t be let outside until she’s been given the snip.

I almost feel like Carrie Bradshaw, except without the skinny bod, pouffy dresses, Mr Big-style romantic foil, four witty friends of differing hair colour/orientation/wardrobes and – er – general air of glamour.

7 thoughts on “Somebody give me a medal (I already have the chest to pin it on)

  1. You must send us a postcard from HK.You’re inspiring Hugo with your massive amount of words! All gold, no doubt :-)And Tabasco? It’s cute, but not as good as Pantalaimon.

  2. Bek, you will clearly have to get your own daemon as Pantalaimon is a top name, I agree.And Boo, to your gratuitous mention of Dr. Strangelove I say HUR-RRRRRRRRRR. Next you’ll be quoting to us from Last Days at Marienbad.

  3. Hah! Quake at my cinematic references, puny earth beings! Kateoi, one does not ‘quote’ Last Year at Marienbad, one BESTOWS an HOMAGE through CELLULOID (or possibly dance). Ur-RRRRRR.Bek I think that Tabasco is an adequate name, but I fully agree nothing is as cool as Pantalaimon. I sometimes call her ‘Tabs’ or ‘The Tabster’, but the eejit I live with calls her ‘Toby’. Perhaps she is retarded.And Nalipolishblues I think there needs to be a whole website devoted to the guerilla chemical peel, applied sneakily to the face when one thinks one is getting a relaxing (and free) beauty treatment. My whole face swelled up like some kind of weird mask afterwards. Most traumatic.

  4. katoi, fully intend to name my next cat Pantalaimon (although I do hope the current cat lives a long, long time and next cat is years in the future). It will go quite well with POTUS, which we intend to name our dog at some distant time in the future when we have a garden (probably after I have killed off all my aging rellies so I can afford real estate).(If my aging rellies all die shortly, it wasn’t me, I swear it)Um… anyway.Bec, how on earth is Toby short for Tabasco???

  5. I am glad to hear you have a saucy little cat – but who will look after her when you go on yourALL-EXPENSES PAID TRIP TO A TRADE FAIR IN HONG KONG?In a 6-star hotel with a fabulous breakfast buffet?

  6. Tee hee – the housemate is just going to have to get home a bit earlier, in preference to her nightly cult meetings.I plan to eat as much as Mr Creosote when I’m there. There’s a 10-course banquet one evening, and my pal has lined up a visit to two dumpling places – Shanghai and Beijing-style, across the road from each other. (rumbles)

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