It’s all going to the dogs…

Some observations of greyhound racing at ‘The Meadows’ in Broadmeadows:

-As we drove past the sign saying ‘Sydney 888 km’, one person was heard wondering if we were closer to Sydney than Melbourne. Broadmeadows is so unbelievably far away we had to employ the services of a GPS system which spoke like Ozzy Osbourne: “T-t-tttuurn. RIGHT. Now. Later…thhhrrrehuunndred….metres. You have reached your..ff-ffffookin’ destination.” etc etc.

-Although we were in the fancy glassed-in upstairs area, we were far and away the best-dressed people therein. One chap had a shiny black suit, black shirt and hot pink tie.

-All the waitstaff were under-16.

-It appears to be a fine place to bring the kiddies on a Saturday night.

-You can name your own race, for a fee (we did!). You can also put a message up on the big board, which we also did, but missed seeing due to general hilarity.

-Each race is only about 600 metres long. Yellow jacketed people parade the beasties around a run, who look gleaming and beautiful in their little silk vests. Then they let the ‘rabbit’ go, which is more of a neon orange cat. Once the race is over, the trainers throw some sort of animal skin down for the dogs, who all race over and fight over it.

-Afterwards, a chap in a bulldozer does a few laps of the track to smooth it out, with a tray covered in car tyres.

-In one race, a hound stopped mid-streak, turned around and waited to catch the mechanical rabbit as it came around again.

-I placed the first bets of my life, with tutelage. Both came last, or nearly last.

-The hen received not one, but two generous offers for a stripper. Average age, 65.

-Over 20,000 greyhounds in Australia are put down every year because of this pastime.

Despite this fact I found the dogs fun, and educational.

4 thoughts on “It’s all going to the dogs…

  1. Hum, it’s a tossup between the full trackie and giant swooping hat for the dogs I think. We compromised by dressing up the top, and wearing casual boots, jeans etc at the bottom. We still left a trail of devastating glamour behind us!!

  2. Justin I think that perhaps it would not be so bad – if you kept them away from the general scrum of the downstairs area. It must be said though that we saw at least 3 kids with broken arms or legs. What is that all about!!

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