More names….

This is my list I shall be leaving on the kitchen table for the housemate-who-is-not-home-often-enough-to-appreciate-this-wee-fuzzy-barrell-o-delights:

PANTALAIMON: sounds like the consensus at the moment, and ‘Pan’ or ‘Pants’ for short.

VIXEN: Thank you MK, it reminds me of a certain dog-eared book you have lent me more than once.

FEATHER: She’s light as a… also reminds me of a quality authoress born in ‘Cairo, Egypt’.

MAGENTA/COLUMBIA: From Rocky Horror. These names a bit slutty I think.

BAST: Egyptian reference. Remind me to get some jewels and dress her up.

MALI: My favourite country visited. Also a pretty name in general.

CATBUS: Strange cat-like bus, (or bus-like cat), that appeared randomly about 3/4 of the way through My Neighbour Totoro.

PORCO ROSSO: Another Miyazaki reference. Kawaii!

RONIA: From Ronia the Robber’s Daughter, by Astrid Lindgren. Not only one of the greatest kids’ books ever written, but one of the best films made as well. On a completely random note, the wonderful Hana Zetterberg who played the lead role (if you want to know who I desperately wanted to be like as a child, see this flick), never made another film, and is now a Swedish Left Party politician.

Decisions, decisions…


11 thoughts on “More names….

  1. i think VIXEN is a go-er. not just because of certain associations, eh? but it looks like it suits her. i can just picture you declaring “vixen!” as she engages in hi-jinxbut i am not biased-mk

  2. Gawd, the housie is still undecided. Other poor suggestions she has brought up are: ‘Glenys’ and ‘Mingus’. Gah! The beautiful beastie herself is curled up on my desk as I type, watching the screen intently. I’m sure she’s as annoyed as I…

  3. I chose Ronia. Only because of the connections, of course.Do what I do and get a friend to name your cat. Or don’t. You will then have a cat named ‘Marshmella’ for all eternity.

  4. I went to school with a boy called Pantalikus. He got called Pants for short.I like Mortmain, from I Capture The Castle – MY current favourite young adult book.Although, failing that, I totally vote for Catbus OR better yet, JiJi from Kiki’s Delivery Service.

  5. The name is decided – it’s TABASCO. I said ‘oh, Tabby for short’ – and she reckons ‘TOBY’ for short. Ah well. This does not diminish her cuteness in any way.

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