This weekend I…

The mob appears to be getting restless in the comments, so I shall oblige. Australia Day weekend, always a winner:

-Friday I went to a big BBQ at a friend’s house in Cheltenham (1.5 hours to get there, 2.5 hours to get back, hey ho). We feasted on snags, pork ribs, swordfish, a plethora of salads and champagne. My mate’s partner rang from Iraq (we talked, he listened, as he’s not allowed to say much about what he’s doing), which was exciting.

-When I came home I discovered my housemate had brought home this adorable ball o’ madness:

-Saturday up bright and early for my olde lady beauty treatment in South Melbourne. Rang A-Zee for hijinks, who joined me for brekker, then off to Brighton to see the truly crapulous Marie Antoinette. What the??! One of the most fascinating and bloodthirsty periods of French history reduced to frocks, shoes and ironic 80s soundtracks. Even the font was crappy. Boo says hiss.

-Afterwards we went for a stroll around Church St, all the while getting the strong feeling we were about to be lynched by outraged Bayside people for a) wearing trackie dacks b) not having ironed hair or c) not walking ridiculously large or small dogs with diamante studded collars.

-After bailing up a young fellow at the fine food store with our tales of woe, we consented to be talked into buying fine wine, fine cheese and some very fine crackers.

-This we consumed in front of How To Get Ahead in Advertising, a film about a man with a writer’s block who grows an evil capitalist boil on the side of his neck, who grows into Richard E. Grant with a dodgy moustache. Bizarre and hilarious.

-As we had not had quite enough of the lovely man (who I might add here as a point of reference has once touched my arm), we switched on Withnail and I, a film that has the side effect of making the viewer want to drink heavily, despite the vomiting, hangovers and general treachery that occurs throughout.

-Ho for the bottle shop!

-Ho for Antique bar in Elsternwick! Events become a bit hazy after this, but we eventually dragged ourselves away from the various seedy characters within and stumbled home about 3.

-Sunday, in bed all day with ickle kitty.

You can see her tiny toeses here. This cat is so small, that I picked up her, a book and a pencil in one hand.

In this one she has an aura. It is blue.

I like this one because she looks like a striking cobra. Her teeth are so puny it feels like tickling.

And here she proudly wears the dust on her head that she found under my bed.

Puss hasn’t got a name yet – we keep throwing ideas around, but my housemate’s suggestions of ‘Xena’ and ‘Butch’ seem tiredly predictable for lassies of a certain persuasion. Other ideas include ‘Yellow’ (huh?), Esmerelda (pfft), ‘Sooty’ and ‘Blackie’. Yawn. Any ideas out there for this spawn of Satan? I’m quite sold on ‘Beastie’ at the moment.

11 thoughts on “This weekend I…

  1. i have a number of comments to make:1. i liked marie antoinette. when i first walked out, i was not so enthusiatic, but time worked a calming salve to my thoughts, and i evetually decided that i liked it very much, and will see it again. we will discuss this further in person as to do it otherwise will render me a pompous ass.2. you are gushing!! never let it be said that boo is not capable of gushing.3. names: clearly she is a clytamnestra. if pressed, an electra. or vixen.4. richard e grant. nothing more to

  2. richard e grant touched your arm! HTF did that happen?! i am ridiculously jealous. and withnail and i does shit from a great height on marie antoinette (though it’s a bit of an apples and pears comparison). that said, i didn’t hate the latter that kitty is so cute it is almost edible (in an entirely PETA-approved way).

  3. Miss Kitty Fantastica, which was Tara and Willow’s kitten in Buffy.Or I like Pantalaimon (after Lyra’s daemon in the excellent His Dark Materials series) – could be Pan for short.Or Moriarty (Sherlock Holmes’ nemesis).Or Gagliuso, which is the Italian name for Puss in Boots.Throgmorten (the Sacred Temple cat from Diana Wynne Jones’ excellent The Lives of Christopher Chant)Or one of T.S. Eliot’s cats, if you want to be all literary:click here for list

  4. ooh, yes, i second pantaliamon! i’d like to suggest minerva, but your puss doesn’t really look like a minerva. puss is very cute. which is saying something, since i don’t usually really like cats.

  5. Tee hee look at this outpouring of cat-ness from my loyal readership! I am somewhat like an anxious mum at the moment as I am not at home and thinking of her curled up on my chair enjoying the faint memories of my aromas…MK – oh but you haven’t seen gushing yet!! Just you wait!! We shall reconvene on Fri to discuss the awesome horror of la Coppola.Susanna – I would like to say that Mr E. Grant and myself brushed against one another in a darkened bar like ships in the night (hem hem) but it was at a Q n A session and book signing. Siigh. I will provide a link to the pictorial evidence at a later date (it’s on this site somewhere).ANd thankyou all for these extremely fine name suggestions for her cuteness. I like them all! Will write down and ponder. As much as I love the classical ones (were I not a spinster, any child of mine would be called Athene or Artemis), I feel it’s in the same hockey team category as Gertie, Alice, Germaine and Gillard NOT NAMING ANY NAMES KATEOI

  6. pantaliamon is purrrfect – because she can be “pants” for short.I also think she looks a lot like a Selena. Maybe Miss Selena P. (and the P stands for Pants)

  7. GERTIE IS THE FINEST NAME FOR A CAT THERE EVER WAS. I WILL HEAR NO FURTHER DISSING OF MY CAT’S NAME THANK YOU VERY MUCH.But I would like to third the suggestion of Pantalaimon. Pan is a cute short name for her, unless of course a)Pan’s Labyrinth turns out to be shite; b)the movie version of Northern Lights/The Golden Compass is also shite.

  8. well boo, i don’t know if i am quite appeased. loyal ozymandias is proud of his name. i think you are being too “de mode” in considering your naming choices. if so, then chloe appears to be the name of choice. on the other hand i can draw upon the names of children i have come across via my employment and offer justyce; genesis; sarah jessica (i’m serious); a’teysha, or even tqisha. -mk

  9. Felis sylvestrus has an accurate ring to it.or catMANDUor Madame Maocattus scratchus?oh and you think that black cathair won’t be visible allover your black clothes? ha ha.(for removing hairs, try a splash of vinegar in the rinse water when laundering)

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