Why does this picture sicken me?

The Age uploaded another quality piece of journalism today, with the news that Terri Irwin attended yet another black tie event in honour of using a personal event for her family’s gain um exploiting her simian child in pursuit of publicity her late husband.

There were a few gems in the article I particularly enjoyed, in italics:
Taking to the red carpet like a reptile to water, Terri Irwin shed her khaki uniform for a ruched black sleeveless gown and the seamless aplomb of the A-listers at her side for a gala that honoured Steve Irwin’s memory yesterday.

There is no need for private grieving and the passage of time, when we have Russell Crowe:
Crowe, who greeted Irwin with a kiss: “She knows I’m there if she wants me. She can just call me, whatever it is that she might need … I can help her with.”

Oh god no:
In one scene of a video clip played in his memory, Steve Irwin was holding up a giant snake and Terri joked that it reminded her of something he used to say in the privacy of their bedroom.

And if I come across this footage on YouTube there will be trouble:
Bindi, she pointed out, had been filming all her life — literally. She said her late husband had filmed both the live births of his children.

Ewwww. And all the different levels of ew. Aside from the fact that there is way too much information here, will there be no end to the outpouring about the Irwins? Does nobody in public life ‘take a moment’ any more? Whatever happened to dignity, respect for the fruit of your own loins and privacy? I know they can’t do much about the reams of dross written about them, but do we have to hear about every tiny aspect of their grief? Every new flush of emotion?

I’m not crazy about the unnatural, over-produced child/adult they’ve made out of Bindi Irwin. But I feel sorry for the little bogan..

15 thoughts on “Why does this picture sicken me?

  1. This wasn’t anything that was contrived to capitalize on Irwin’s death. This was an event that Steve and family had on their appearance schedule since last year, complete with Bindi performing and all that. Steve was a big showman, with a showbiz family and the money they take in goes into the zoo and conservation. Steve bought huge areas of land in Australia for conservation. The remaining family is just carrying on with the same work. It’s a job and most people don’t just give up their jobs because a family member died. Quite the opposite, in fact because people are told they should get on with their lives and get back to work. Bindi loves her dancing and performing and I’d expect it’s something she’ll cling to even more than ever to fill up the void left by the loss of her father.

  2. I thought that the most sickening thing about the photos was the extremity of Naomi Watt’s clavicles. I am definitely way, way over the ‘trend’ of emaciation that shows no sign of evaporating, despite constant predictions that it will do so. And she complements her Belsen-oid appearance so well with that icky colour, too.

  3. Leave them alone and let them have a life. I’m soooo tired of people who are unhappy or unfulfilled in their personal lives they need to critize others. LEAVE THEM BE! Are you out there buying up land to help conservation? Are you out there saving animals? Are you out there putting your life up to public ridicule???????? I think not. CROCS RULE!!! SO DOES TERRI AND BINI AND STEVE!

  4. freedom of speech is a wonderful thing, but why don’t you anonymous posters go back to NW and The Age. you’ll find all your starfucker needs in those rags. leave us bloggers alone to criticise as we see fit!

  5. “I think not.” Ah ha ha ha.I was thinking of censoring anonymous comments, as I find the idea cowardly and inane. But like Susanna I value freedom of expression – there’s some seams of amusement here and some really golden moments of logic. You may stay.-luv, the auth.

  6. I note that the cowardly anonymous commenter (have the courage of your convictions for god’s sake, man) has but a feeble grip on the English language. CROCS RULE!!! SO DOES TERRI AND BINI AND STEVE! should of course read:CROCS RULE!!! SO DO TERRI AND BINI AND STEVE! It’s always the uneducated.

  7. Actually should be Bindi rather than Bini as well, but really who cares how they spell the name of a child who was either named by her whacked-out parents after a noxious weed that sticks in your bare feet or after a someone else’s religious symbol.

  8. I am very concerned for them, all three of them. I think Terri has put way too much pressure on herself by working so hard to “have fun” like she said she was going to do during the interview with Barbara Walters. They all not only need to grieve, they all deserve to get to grieve. It’s really sad. I don’t think taking time off to grieve will mean it’s the end of Steve’s dream. His mission is over, and truthfully, Bindi cannot fill her dad’s shoes. It is causing a bit of controversy, and rightly so. I lost my husband less than 2 years ago. I was “out of it” for the first year. Our son, who was 12 when his dad died, is still going through the adjustment period. I am concerned that Bindi will feel pressure to take her dad’s place. She was on the Ellen Degeneres Show last week, and literally said “sometimes I feel like I’m my dad.” Terri is still in too much shock to fully realize what she’s doing. I am afraid she may regret some of the things that are happening. Do you know there is a line of clothing for sale now at the Australia Zoo called “Steve Lives”? Does that not arouse any concern at just how much pressure she may be under trying to keep Steve alive? It certainly does me. By the way, the best I can tell the only way I can leave a name is if I already have a Google account, otherwise I can only pick from Other or Anonymous. I don’t think people who go anonymous are cowards of what they say, just the reactions some people have when people do not feel the same way they feel about a particular subject.

  9. Remember the piece Dr Germaine Greer wrote that The Guardian published?She was torn to shreds for it by all Austraya.She did say in it that Bindiweeds TV show was planned before he died and thats why he went to the stingray’s place.”Crowe, who greeted Irwin with a kiss: “She knows I’m there if she wants me. She can just call me, whatever it is that she might need … I can help her with.” …..Russ? Bindi needs another stingray for her TV show please.

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