Ugly Betty

This show is not even on the air yet, but already I find it vile and offensive. Why do they do this to us? Whyeeee?? What is with the emphasis on female appearance everywhere I look? Why does this unpleasant idea have to be written into a one-gag series?

Sigh. There are so many other shows that could be made, but we have to be subjected to the idea that a woman with braces, boofy hair and a poncho is the embodiment of all that is ‘ugly’. I can imagine the scriptwriters sitting around saying: “hey let’s make a show about a butt-ugly woman who works on a fashion magazine! Hilarious chaos! THE IRONY!!”

I bet she’ll get a makeover at some stage. There’ll be comments about Latino women’s booties. She will have a best friend called Consuela, a wise-cracking single Mom. We’ll meet some bitchy people who are beautiful on the outside yet ugly on the inside, who need to learn some valuable lessons. There will be a shot that starts at her feet (wearing ugly shoes) and pans up to her face, while a gay man squeals ‘OWE. MI. GARD.’

Much like The Devil Wears Prada, Betty will somehow talk her way into a position on a fashion magazine, a subject she has no interest in, or respect for. Despite this, she will also be promoted several positions above her arch-enemy. Against all odds, and using only her natural charm, she’ll get the good-looking guy. While she is gauche and clumsy (ugly characteristics, ain’t they?), Betty will be wise, funny and self-effacing – all qualities foreign to every single person working in publishing.

And worst of all – it will be aimed at young girls with self-esteem and body image issues. Grrrrrrr – gngngnggngnnnn


3 thoughts on “Ugly Betty

  1. Having watched the show for a couple of months now and having initially the same reservations as you, I am very surprised as how well this show is developing. None of your predictions have materialised as of yet (!) Betty does have a makeover but not in the way you probably were expecting. Betty’s awesome but so is practically every single character (both her detractors and her supporters) and the show isnt in the least patronising. Betty isnt ugly, not in the least (and the audience fully knows this and the show doesnt expect you to believe that Betty represents ugly at all), the “Ugly Betty” as referred on the show is merely an example the myopic vision of beauty found in the fashion world in which she works in. You really shouldn’t criticise so adamantly on something you haven’t even seen. Watch at least to the 4th episode, I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

  2. Yes but it is much more fun to judge sight unseen! I am also understandably skeptical due to the hullabaloo over American Housewives, which turned out to be even worse than the ads, despite the fact that everyone raved about how ‘sharp’ ‘funny’ and ‘cynical’ it was.Although I am helpless in the face of trash, and will no doubt be front & centre at the first ep…

  3. Since now we’ve written in each other’s blog, we have been formally introduced.Re this post: I love South Park.I hate Desperate Housewives. I love Dancing with the Stars. I hate America’s Next Top Model. I like House. The jury is still out on Ugly Betty, but I lean toward finding it annoying.?: Before reading my blog, had you heard about the ‘antiSikh riots’ of 1984?

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