Top o’ the ’07 to ye

The drunken revels are over. The holiday consisted of: eating my own body weight in cold meats and plum pud, going to Airey’s Inlet with the olds, getting spannered in style at a classy cocktail party and at a warehouse revel where we partied like it was 1992 (a squat in Kensington decorated with huge toadstools, a Bollywood bus, giant tikis, funhouse mirrors, what looked like a sleigh, a big screen reflecting abstract blobs, women in rave gear, men in Aztec windcheaters and a chicken, named Dolores), Borat, a couple of night markets and watching more Star Trek than a grown woman should really admit to publicly.

So I’m ‘back at work’ again (at a desk just off the kitchen) and as usual procrastinating – this time editing an article about HRT describing all sorts of horrifying symptoms I can look forward to in my dotage. So I have compiled a list of resolutions, for my own amusement:

Move office out of kitchen to forestall inevitable lunacy – I’ve found the right lass to share with, now all we need is a bonza space.

Lose 5-10 kilos before May – Date of 15-year school reunion, these events not connected in any way, hem hem.

Continue ‘nesting’ – Spruce up living room with aid of Tonia Todman-style handy hints – perhaps some stencils along the walls, or a small water feature – KIDDING.

Start work on novel with eye to nabbing cushy Varuna masterclass in the Blue Mountains – Four years later, I think I’m ready to start writing about Singapore.

Launch the ‘Spinsterhood is Good’ campaign – Make badges, t-shirts, undies, stickers etc. I’ll be rich, watch me.

See more free/cheap classical music concerts – Uh-RRRRR (noise of scorn, for those unacquainted with my juvenilia) When I say ‘more’ I mean ‘more than none’, which is what I currently enjoy. In 2007 I intend to acquire Culture. All are welcome to join.

Learn etching/lithography from hot printmaking man – Amongst other artsy pursuits, get ready for Lomo show, and find untutored life drawing class.

(and the most important one) Have fun and be happy, regardless of what I decide to do – If I choose to stay at home in my trackies and drool over Captain Jean-Luc Picard, or speculate upon Data’s ‘programming in multiple techniques’, then I shall make it so. If I want to strut around Brunswick in a t-shirt that reads ‘Spinsterhood is the New Black’, then phooey to anyone who gives me a funny look. Likewise eating only orange foods, reading Romance novels on the train, listening to Gold FM, making eyes at passing printmaking instructors and collecting Deco furniture.

So what are some of your resolutions??


8 thoughts on “Top o’ the ’07 to ye

  1. I will gladly offer my painting/sprucing/decorating services for a t-shirt! And a one-way ticket to the land of Oz. p.s. New Year Resolution tend to bum me out – something about it sounds so…resolute. I’m more of a see-as-i-go gal (which may be why i’m lying slothfully on the sofa stuffing my face with chocolate & coffee listening to sappy love songs. Sappy French love songs…)Okay. New Year resolutions: find resolutions.

  2. Years ago I had the opportunity to ask a question of a really famous person who had just got that way (so was able to evaluate 2 kinds of life), this person was absolutely FETED.I asked him what was the best thing about suddenly living in another stratosphere and he said:I don’t have to see any people I don’t like.So that has been my NYResolution every year since ‘do not bother with horrible people, they are not worth the effort’.off topic: keep an eye out for when the December issue of Vanity Fair hits our stands (Brad Pitt in boxers on the cover) because it has the BEST interview with Sacha Baron Cohen. the best. brilliant.he went to the same school at Matt Little Britain Lucas. This school aslo produced Simon Schama, and was the inspiration for the brilliant Alan Bennett’s play The History Boys.

  3. Vapidly V: a quick perusal of other blogs reveals everyone else thinks that resolutions are unneccessary/childish/foolish as well! You are not alone! French love songs? Call for help!Brownie: with regards to my latest post, I see your point entirely! And do you have an obsession with sourcing famous alumni? I will keep an eye out for the Vanity Fair, if only for the cover!RH: I think everyone should attend a Brunswick Historical Society meeting, it’s like a lesson in stamina…endurance…or something…

  4. Oh, I will be there. It’s just I’m feeling the need to start my beauty regime now, in preparation. All the swearing was more in honour of wishing I’d started say, six months ago, rather than thinking we’re really old.Also, I think a diet purely of orange things might be a tad restrictive. Carrots. Pumpkin, sweet potato, cantelope, oranges. Um. Cheezels? Oh, and that really orange cheese. And fanta. Actually, maybe not so bad.

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