The God of Hard Rubbish has spoken

I was just up at the Salvos, depositing a pile of old books, and a lamp with ‘Zoloft’ written on the side. I have used this for about 2 years, without realising that Zoloft was in fact an anti-depressant. Ho! Anyway, so after my good deed, I took a stroll up Albion St to stretch my legs. I kid you not, but I was pondering how I’d like to decorate my house for the festive season.

And the God of Hard Rubbish answered my call. Someone had left outside their house not only a busted hat stand, but an old plastic Christmas tree! And not just any model, but this is the ‘Fifth Avenue Deluxe’, 122cm. The hat stand was easily fixed with a screwdriver, and the Christmas tree had nothing wrong with it at all. It even had a bonus hair clip, which I found clinging to one of the lower branches.

Behold, one hat stand, slightly used:

I’m a bit light on for decorations, so I trimmed the tree with my one piece of tinsel and some Halloween decorations I bought in Canada. Sharp eyes may spy Data nestling near the top:

And lo, an angel, with the face of Tony Liberatore:

I think I have the fine beginnings of some set decorations for one of Crispin ‘Hellion’ Glover’s cinematic masterpieces. Check out the preview – you won’t regret it.

And it’s not even Hard Rubbish season!! Merry Christmas!


6 thoughts on “The God of Hard Rubbish has spoken

  1. Congratulations on your good fortune.I am impressed by the cleanliness of your chimney – Santa will be so pleased to come down it.We have a plastic tree from the Elstenwick hard rubbish drive of a few months back and it is EXCELLENT.We also found quite by chance a large quantity of A-grade tree decorations in a skip behind the local newsagent. really good tinsel and hanging things. wot luck!Of course, to pay-forward this, we all have to do a kind thing for someone else now. Because “It’s Christian-Mas!” or Hannukmas, or Chrismadan …

  2. I had my heart set on one of those inflatable trees that glow in the dark, but this First Avenue Deluxe one comes a close second! Who throws this stuff away?? Who??!!

  3. That must be the best Christmas decorations i have yet to see!Hmm…you don’t suppose the ppl in that house just wanted to decorate their yard and you’ve just stolen it, do you? i mean, who would throw such treasures!?!

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