Hey ho let’s go

Now I’m all craggly and ancient, I do spend some time complaining about The Youth Of Today, why they Have It Lucky, and how come they have No Fucking Idea. These two stories I heard yesterday illustrate this perfectly.

Exhibit A: The Flying Carosone was at a BBQ with her pals, and one had a 10-year old daughter. She was all dolled up in bubble skirt, fingerless gloves, big t-shirt hanging off one shoulder and even a side ponytail, a la Stephanie Kaye. The look was totally 1984. The Flying Carosone said approvingly “nice one. You look just like Cyndi Lauper.” Said kid replied “Who?”

Exhibit B: Friend of The Flying Carosone’s uber-posh gay housemates has a 20-year old secretary, with a boyfriend the same age. He is into ‘punk’. They went to a concert by the Blink-182 bassist.

‘Punk’ Boyfriend: It was crap! Crawling with fucking teenagers with no fucking idea!
Friend: Ha ha! Were they all wearing their Ramones t-shirts from Supre?
Secretary: Yeah they were! I like that brand, though.
Friend: Huh?
Secretary: That brand….The Ramones.
Friend (quietly): It’s not a brand.
Secretary and ‘Punk’ Boyfriend: Huh?
Friend: They are…like…(struggling for words)….a seminal punk band of the ‘70s.
Secretary and ‘Punk’ Boyfriend: Oh?
Friend: You know…Joey…..Dee Dee……..? Gabba gabba wee?
Secretary (not to be outdone): Oh, so they’re a band based on the brand, then.
Friend: ………


6 thoughts on “Hey ho let’s go

  1. boo – i’m the same craggy vintage as you, and i hear similarly disheartening things every day. they walk the walk (teased hair, fingerless gloves etc, just as you describe), but they don’t talk the talk, these young revivalists. it’s quite frightening.thank you for stumbling across (and leaving a comment on)my languishing blog that nobody reads. you have won my eternal virtual friendship.

  2. Consider yourself bookmarked – those rants are world class!And apart from a staunch group of family/friends, no-one reads my blog either. Now if I could convince The Age to hand over a few bucks….

  3. sorry boo, but this is to susanna. i tried to post on her site, but it does not accept anonymous comments, so here goes,”you have a new reader. hazar! to you. there are not many of us left, but the confederacy must be fought!!”to boo, see you tonight.-mk

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