If you happen to be flicking past Channel 9 tomorrow night, that ravishing retard on the left side of the screen would be yours truly, the Galloping Skirt! Aka She Who Can’t Stop Smiling Stupidly, aka SHE WHO RULES THE GIFT SHOP WITH AN IRON BUZZER.

The details:
Wednesday 27th September
Channel 9

The thrilling backstory can also be found here.

8 thoughts on “Temptation

  1. Thank you, anon! I was going to hazard a guess that you were my Aunty Schnall, but I doubt she would use the phrase ‘props’. So I guess it’s A-Zee!! Ta!!I was a bit peeved the gold winklepickers I wore didn’t get a viewing…. Not at all peeved about the prizes, and abundant opportunities for $$$ vie Ebay.

  2. Hi Boo, no I’m a new poster, not A-Zee! Why would you sell those fabulous prizes though? You should keep them especially the Sinatra one – looks like great fun.You played the perfect game given the opponents you had – do you feel a bit unlucky? They were both so quick. Any other night and you probably would have won!On the bright side, you can go back after 2 years if the story I’ve heard is true!

  3. You were great, Bic! Hugo and I were full of admiration for your game strategy and decisive gift shop purchasing!I’ve decided that, should I get on, I will do exactly as you did! (Only I’ll probably be thoroughly nervous and not blitz the first round like you did!)And your hair looked really good, shiny and stuff, and it’s good to smile. At least (unlike some players) you didn’t look sulky and petulant when you weren’t in the lead!

  4. Oooh, thanks Bik!! I am quite glad I went for the big haul. Had I gone for gold I would have come out with nothing, like the chap who beat me – he lost out big time the next night!! Shame though, as he was a nice gent.

  5. I didn’t see the show, but I would have happily accompanied you to the Crown to see old men singing in the style of other old men.Shame on you, Melbourne single men. Boo is clearly quite a catch. Even Ed likes her.

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