Getting my you-know-what together

Although it may appear that I haven’t been near the Internerd since last Saturday – horrors! – I have been in fact getting my shit together. In this new world of semi-organisation and almost adult maturity, it seems that there’s no time for blogging. What a shame. Soon I will be making noises about wanting to put a down payment on a nice new car, straightening my hair and getting a subscription to Choice magazine – KIDDING. So in the interests of brevity I may itemise recent events, in no particular order:

1. A new, honest-to-god client. Property advertising. Woo! They have called me up with work at least four times since I went to the interview last week.
2. A cold that turned into the flu, and went on for over 2 weeks.
3. Sudden realisation after point #1, that advertising copy is a lot easier to write, better paid, and involves more responsive clients than magazines ever could.
4. Sudden realisation after point #2, of quite how much energy I have expended this year over the trifecta, and quite how exhausted it makes one.
5. In process of advertising for a new housemate, and the attendant dramas and amusements therein. I met one chappie who seemed very nice, but managed in about 5 minutes to push all the buttons of precisely what I am NOT looking for in a housemate.
6. A thoroughly enjoyable email flirtation.
7. Declared myself the Queen of op-shopping, after I found a brilliant snakeskin tube dress for $5 at St Vinnie’s.
8. Contributed to Adult Maturity by getting rid of lumpy futon and buying a new mattress. Now spend a lot of time in bed.
9. Decided with Ms Mether that we would launch our singing/songwriting careers after taking in a most shitful Brunwick-ish band at the Green. I have never written a song before, and she has yet to take her first singing lesson, but we think we may have a hit on our hands.
10. Was called up for Temptation, finally. Standby only. Next Wednesday.

Am in rewrite hell at the moment, for a magazine, unsurprisingly. So I must away. More revelations to follow.

2 thoughts on “Getting my you-know-what together

  1. Bic!! Excitement! Let us know if you get on Temptation and when it will be aired if you do!!How good is the mattress??? I couldn’t get over it when I first got mine – and it made me realise just how horribly lumpy the futon mattress actually was.Plus, it’s very good feng shui to get rid of your old mattress. They absorb negative thingies so getting a new one makes everything positive and apparently can help you find a new relationship (along with painting a wall of your bedroom red). However, my faith in feng shui has been shaken somewhat by the fact that that little old Chinese bloke in Singapore promised that our feng shui ducks would bring us an “auspicious marriage” – and it’s years later and I have yet to be wed and enjoy the benefits of all-new Corningware.

  2. Feng Shui, my arse. Actually my experts are coming in on Friday to give my house the once-over. Perhaps I can reposition my mandarin ducks, which currently have a thick layer of dust on ’em in the hallway. In the dark. Perhaps that has something to do with it.I, too, would like some of that Le Creuset cookware for my ‘auspicious union’.And didn’t we also write some spells on the balcony of my place in Singapore? And burn them?? Are we not dags? That didn’t work either. Although your anti-gigantor spell worked a treat in my last place. hmmm.

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