And in news today…

We’ve all had a gutful of the Israel/Lebanon crisis, rising interest rates and petrol prices and the ongoing train wreck of Iraq from at least 5,000 different news sources, so here’s some silliness from me.

I don’t know for how many years I’ve been waiting for the zeppelin to come back as legitimate transport. The silence! The leisurely drift through the clouds! The world records! The complimentary cocktails! The women in fascinators with a fur thrown over one shoulder, and the men in pin-striped suits!!

Unfortunately there was also that thing with the Hindenberg, amongst other disasters, which broke my heart in more than one way. However this article tells us the zeppelin is back! Botswana’s leading diamond mining company, Debswana, has funded the production of a ‘state of the art’ zeppelin airship, which it hopes will identify new diamond deposits from the air. It anticipates this will produce more than 33 million carats this year. What’s that, Herr Jones? No ticket?

More stuff on zeppelin news here

Today’s picture comes sans permission from Wikipedia, in their extremely cool collection of pictures. Taken by Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii in 1910 before the advent of colour photography, it depicts the Nilov Monastery on Stolbnyi Island in Tver Oblast, Russia. His would take a series of monochrome images, through a different coloured filter each time. He’d then project all the images using correctly coloured light, and therefore reconstruct the original scene, in colour. Clever clogs.

First it was metal knives, then shoes, now it’s creams and unguents. Jerked knee, anyone? Soon we will all be nude before we step anywhere near an airport, which could be a very very good thing, or a very very bad thing. But when is someone going to realise that it’s not how these would-be terrorists get things onto planes (which looking at other thwarted plans, could be anything), but what is causing it in the first place? Like why does G Bush get up every morning and tell the world it’s a dangerous place – there must be a reason for it, yes?

On my bed of pain, I’m listening to Mixolydian, by my housemate’s mate, Mark Saul. He is apparently the king of all bagpipers and gets mobbed in Scotland. As I’m not super-adventurous with my music tastes – this is a bit of a surprise – it’s bagpipes, techno and lots of Celtic stuff. Trust me – it’s all those mournful pipey sounds mixed with some beats, violins and god knows what else. And a very pretty tune at the end. If you’d like to catch up on the funky stylings of Mark and David, the bassist who out-Flea’s Flea and others on their folk/rock European tour, check out this blog here.

My conduit to all things techie, gadget-y and new, Andrea (see Serial Deviant, right) has pointed my nose in the direction of Blogsvertise, a jammy and utterly pikey new way to get advertising dollars for doing approximately zero. You put in three links to various sites on your blog, which no-one reading it will notice AT ALL. But you can get ten bucks every time you plug, which I would never sniff at.

As you were.


3 thoughts on “And in news today…

  1. Did you watch Dr Who on Saturday??? They were in an alternate universe where Zeppelins seemed to be the major form of transport :-)I have only just started watching it – three episodes so far – but it’s great. Last week some aliens had gone back in time and were trying to steal Madame de Pompadour’s brain to integrate into their space ship, and the week before Queen Victoria was fighting a werewolf. It’s all so damn unlikely and ridiculous, and Dr Who is a little bit sexy, in the manner of (ahem) a librarian (although not one who has joined a bad country band and turned into a total wanker). Sort of sexy librarian pre-bad band.

  2. I CAN’T IMAGINE WHAT WANKER YOU MIGHT BE REFERRING TO BEK!!I was a bit heartbroken when they got rid of Christopher Eccleston, as he was also nerdy and sexy, but that review sounds entirely promising. Zeppelins ahoy.

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