Olde Worlde

While waiting to cross City Rd in South Melbourne this morning, a woman pulled up next to me in full fluorescent cycling gear. She was wheeling a penny farthing, with difficulty. It made me extraordinarily pleased. No-one else in the traffic noticed.

4 thoughts on “Olde Worlde

  1. HOW COULD ANYONE NOT NOTICE A PENNY FARTHING?I had no idea we were in the midst of a farthing revolution. I must remember to get mine out of the shed.

  2. Yes, and mine is still being serviced!! The most amusing thing was that I grinned around at everyone as if to say ‘look, a penny farthing’, and they were all staring into the middle-distance as if to say ‘I wonder if Tommo remembered to put the tape on for Big Brother’.People. bah.

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