Something’s blowin’ in the wind….

I was going to rave on about the wearisome burlesque fad sweeping the nation (o raunch, o culture), but I had such a delightful day I thought I’d write a list:

1. Another droll email exchange with the chap in the US who’d like to own my soul. He re-read the article I sent, loved it even more and wanted me to send a copy of the contract I’d signed with The Age so we could come to a different agreement. Whatever.

2. Another editor sent through his changes in A-merikan for my approval.

3. The Pater rang for a long discussion about our business ideas. He also told me not to go changin’, or words to that effect.

4. Sibling #1 rang (the designer, not the gruesome lass whose drycleaner recently had to clean human fat out of her shoes) with some work for me. My brainstorming services are required tomorrow!

5. Quan, one of the more wonderful chaps in the world, rang from a roadside phone booth in Louisiana. He was driving from California to Virginia to attend a course. As you do. While he drove through the desert he wished I was there to see it, and rang to demand when I would visit him. He also asked: ‘how is your heart my dear?’ We had a grand chat.

6. I wandered lonely as a cloud, and realised I was a bit lightheaded. With respect to the fact that I have two imminent meetings at which a nimble brain is needed, I broke the fast. Two eggs on toast. I trembled like my housemate’s feeble dog in a gust of wind and felt my heart pound wildly, which was exciting for a while.

7. Then someone from an admired blog wrote a comment on mine, which filled me with geeky blogger glee for a while.

8. Sallied to the Red Box café (next to the Club X on Sydney Rd) to write, and sip a sneaky shiraz. The insufferable trendoids at Ray are too distracting for my delicate sensitivities, and I would possibly let rip a giant ‘Uhh-RRRR’, which has never endeared me to anyone.

So today certainly beat the hell out of climbing the walls at home and wondering why the phone ain’t a-ringin’.


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