Juiced: tomato, cucumber, parsely, two stalks celery (including the leaves), carrot, cayenne pepper.

It was delightful
very good for my wellbeing, vitality and colon health
the most disgusting beverage to pass my lips, ever.

I will have to experiemnt with the vegie juices, I think.

5 thoughts on “Lunch

  1. boo, i admire your anorexic tenacity. May i suggest just throwing in one fruit (not tomato in this case) to your veggie juice and taste it transform before your very tastebuds. Is that english i just wrote? az

  2. Also some lemon juice and, although I personally don’t indulge, I am told a couple shots of vodka help immensely.I think this one is a coded terrorist message: ox vin a hj

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