After much peer group pressure from my family I wrote away to the producers of Temptation. For the overseas readers it is a trivia game show in the mold of Sale of the Century. This year my brother-in-law has been on for 2 nights, my sister one night and my other sister 3 nights!!! Mental!! Anyway, so I said fuckit and waded off through the bucketing rain to Channel 9 on the weekend.

The last time I was there, I was about six years old, to see ‘Hey Hey It’s Saturday’ filmed very early one morning. The show used to go on for about four hours, and every week they’d have a theme, usually based around a make-believe place called Biddleonia. The audience would dress up, and there’d be a bit of a parade, and every time Jackie McDonald walked onscreen they’d play ‘Folks are Dumb where I come from’.

The theme of our show was Roman Biddleonia – so my sisters and I got out our 70s patterned floral sheets, wound them around like togas and made coronets out of the ivy hanging over our back fence. Mine had money spiders in it, which I’ve always lived in fear of squashing.

That is all I remember, excepting for the room they made us all wait in. I can report it has not changed a bit since I was six, except for the pictures hanging on the wall. Now there’s a very disturbing Warhol-esque Bert Newton, Eddie McGuire minus chins throwing money in the air (apt), Lavinia and Ed (why people rave about either of them I do not know), and four goofy-looking people that we hadn’t a clue who they were.

To cut a long story short I just scraped through the audition, which means I could be called up tomorrow, in 3 months or never. They took my picture and I had to audition in front of a room of people. Two hours later on the freezing Footy Show set the party atmosphere had dissipated somewhat, so I exclaimed that I was here because of peer pressure from my crazy, game show loving family, and ‘glorious cash prizes!’

Here’s hoping!

One thought on “Temptations…

  1. Hey, I thought you dobbed me in for an audition as well! I have been practising! Someone accessed my blog this morning via a google search for “mail address of ram breeders in iran”. How random is that? I also possibly have pneumonia.

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