I discovered this new tool of dieting quite by accident when I recently lost a fair bit of weight without noticing. I was advised previously by Bek (see link, right) that infatuation with someone was the finest known tool of dieting, but unfortunately I mistook the insanity of new romance for, er, actual insanity. Hurrah for fad diets, Dr Atkins, grapefruit and black coffee, not to forget Jane Fonda!!

It’s the easiest diet ever – even better than the Paleolithic one, which requires coordination and planning. On Sundays I lounge about writing, reading the paper and sipping herbal tea and hot water with lemon, with the exception of those days when only a giant fried brekky will cure what ails me.

I have done it thrice, with varying results:

The first week I was completely hung over and feeling somewhat poorly, so nil orally was not a problem. At the end of the day a pal made me dinner, which ruined the effect somewhat, but the chicken risotto was fantastic.

The second week was on a Friday when I was working, but the thin soup to keep me going didn’t quite fit the bill. Suffering from what I now know was a lack of glucose in the system I went completely mad, raced up to Dicey’s Pizza at 5:30 and devoured a medium ‘Volcano’ with extra chili, followed up quickly by a Milo bar. They both tasted great.

Today, knowing a bit more about the benefits of supporting yourself nutritionally while at the same time detoxifying, I have been sipping on fruit juices and sitting in bed. I even handled a trip to the stupormarket, and my only impulse buy was a packet of Cruskits. It is also too cold to walk to Dicey’s.

There is a great article here – Nutritional Program for Fasting about the many benefits of fasting. The ancient Chinese used to swear by it, and still do, as part of the normal diet. It can cure disease and allergies. It is considered a good idea to give one’s bod a break every now and again, to rejuvenate one’s overworked cells. Mark Twain was a mad fan of fasting. In the Western world, we are also far too conditioned into the 3 meals a day habit, and most of us tend to overeat. It is all good. I may even do some longer fasts.

An amusing side effect of all this is the bizarre reaction everyone has had to my intentions. Take note that even as a child I’ve never been skinny, and never been much of a dieter. I also wasn’t suggesting anyone else take it up.

I was told to ‘eat less during the week’ (I do), and instructed not to ‘waste away’ (impossible). My old man came to the conclusion that if I was fasting then there must not be enough food in the house (what the?). He then took himself to the Prahran Market and bought me two mandarins, three apples, a packet of dates, a block of cheese, asparagus and some beef stroganoff. Bless!

It’s nearly 6pm and all is well. I am going to look up juicers on eBay, do some more writing and have a bath.


3 thoughts on “Fasting

  1. A ha ha ha, I don’t skip every second word, the word-wrap, when I look at ton blogge from internet explorer, is all wrong and cuts OFF the last word of each line. Thus OLD was not appearing.

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