The Trifecta

People who know me realise I’ve been somewhat sour of late. Perhaps related to the much-vaunted ‘Trifecta’, which to those who don’t know it, means that your House/Job/Love life has reached a splendid equilibrium and your life is pretty much fabulous and will remain so forever.

Normally I’m hovering about the 30-60% mark, but in recent months it has dived to approximately zero, which is disheartening for a Mature Woman of Advanced Years. This observation received much vitriol from my dear friend MK, who made the following biting comment: as for the trifecta it is over-rated, and a tool of destruction. it ought to be disregarded by any sane person. Sane? Is she suggesting I am sane??

Anyway, after I came to this thrilling conclusion I had the following dream:

I was sitting on the floor of the bathroom in my parents’ old house in Celia St, having just given birth to three fine baby boys – triplets in fact. They were crawling around and talking fluently to me and one another. I was as proud as any new mum, and heaved out a bosom to feed them quicksticks – and would you know, they were all hungry. I breastfed one, then the other. Then the third was clamouring for some too – what to do? Three children and only two boobs! What do those multiple birth mothers from Woman’s Day do in this situation??

Interpret that any way you will.

6 thoughts on “The Trifecta

  1. Tee hee – even though you are ‘anon’ I can catch those ringing tones from here MK!!Clearly the time code is a bit stuffed -!

  2. Yes mine always is when I post from home as well. I dunno why. Now. As for your dream. Clearly the triplets represent the trifecta. The dream is telling you that you can’t focus on all three at once, because you don’t have enough boobs, which are clearly representative of life energy. Clearly, only people with a superfluous nipple manage to get all three at once. You can either have a house and a love life, or a house and a job, or a job and a lovelife, but never all three at once, unless you have an extra nipple. The talking of the triplets represents the mindless chatter of the monkey brain, which one learns about in Buddhism, and has to learn to meditate in order to shut it up. Now, we are off to the supermarket and the libberry. You going to check out Nat’s market stall tomorrow?

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