It’s. All. A. Bit. Like. Hard. Work.

Greetings imaginary readers,

I recently came to the conclusion that apart from my doting family, no-one in the universe is remotely interested in the exploits of an Aussie gentlewoman on the loose, in places no-one’s ever heard of, doing things that nobody believes ever happened, about a million years ago. So after much rufflings of papers, scratchings of head, compilations of terse emails, scannings of photos and long-forgotten illustrations and figurings out of the gentle art of HTML I have decided to re-launch my online efforts under exactly the same name.

As I said above, it’s all a bit like hard work.

So welcome! As I clearly have far too much time on my hands, I’ll be posting something approximately whenever I can be bothered. You may be privy to some extraordinary low-budget adventures; some reflections on nothing, homeless and hopeless people I meet on the Upfield line (which is every time I hop on the damn thing), interesting pieces of cack I find in laneways, ridiculous conversations I have with my friends and general assorted bluster.

In short, I should like to produce one of those rambling and pointless (yet gratifying) blogs that teenagers seem to do so well. You know, tips on craft and thrift, personal milestones, brief flirtations with famous people (Richard E. Grant for example), musical tips, those postings where the author says ‘well today is very boring and there’s nothing to write about’, political intrigue (you’ll be waiting a long time to get any of that from me I’m afraid), and pictures of my dog looking cute while it sleeps – if I had a dog. Love! It!!

Cheers to me!


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